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Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash

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Adobe Flash

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  1. Adobe Flash Creating Alphas

  2. What? Creating fading images to use in our final banner • How? Using Alpha within Abobe Flash • Why? To give a professional look to your final product Learning Objectives

  3. An Alpha is simply a fading effect within Flash • The Alpha effect can be used on images and text • Using Alphas can give a very professional look to your final product What is an Alpha?

  4. Open Adobe Flash CS5 • Create new Action Script 3.0 • In the properties panel make sure the stage is set to 550x400 Creating an Alpha

  5. Import the image of the BlackBerry which is saved in, X Drive – ICT – Mr Sangra – Wednesday – 8PIT1 – Flash Banners To import the image into Flash click on, File – Import to Library

  6. Drag from the library and drop the image onto the canvas We can now see our image of a BlackBerry in our Library panel You will need to resize the image using the free transform tool to make it fit on the canvas

  7. Now we have the image on the canvas we need to convert it to a symbol. Right click on the image and click, Convert to Symbol.

  8. Give your symbol a name and make sure Type is Movie Clip You should now see in the library your BlackBerry symbol appear

  9. The image is now a symbol. Double click on it and you will see in the top corner we have gone into the BlackBerry symbol

  10. Insert a Keyframe on Frame 90, and then Frame 20 and frame 70 (Right Click, Insert Keyframe) In between the first and second keyframe, Right click and click Create Classic Tween. Do the same in between frame 70 and 90

  11. Your timeline should now look the same as this one.

  12. Click on the first Keyframe, Then click on the BlackBerry. You should then be able to go into properties, Colour Effect, Style and select Alpha

  13. A slider will appear underneath the drop down box. You need to set the percentage to 0%

  14. Click on the very last keyframe and repeat the same steps as before to change the Alpha value

  15. Rewind your Alpha and play it to see the effect you have just created. Now try to create another Alpha using your own image selection. Try to add more than one image so the Alpha continues.