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Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash

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Adobe Flash

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  1. Fl Adobe Flash Creating a Mask

  2. WHAT? What a mask is and how to create a mask • HOW? Using Adobe Flash CS5, Layers and Tweens • WHY? Allows you to create special effects on your final product ___________________________________________________ ALL will understand what a mask is and how it can be used MOST will create a simple mask SOME will incorporate a mask into their final product Learning Objectives

  3. What does a Mask do? • A mask is a feature in Flash which hides parts of your product • These hidden areas can then be revealed in a way you want them What is a Mask?

  4. Masked Writing • Animation with Masking • Masked Button • Searchlight Mask Examples of a Mask.

  5. I am going to use the mask to reveal my home page. To create a mask, the first thing I did was to create a roll over button. Creating a Mask.

  6. I then imported the button to the stage, selected my ending frame and inserted a Keyframe (F6)

  7. The next step is to insert another layer above the layer you want to mask. Right click on the new layer and select ‘Mask’

  8. If done correctly your timeline should now look Similar to mine. Notice I have renamed the layers. We now need to draw onto the Mask layer. Select a drawing tool and try to draw, you should get this message, click YES.

  9. I have now drawn a rectangle on the first frame of my mask layer. IMPORTANT: Only the part of the button covered by the rectangle will be shown when playing.

  10. Then use the free transform tool to stretch the rectangle completely over the button By the end of my timeline I want ALL of the button to be shown. I have gone to the final frame of the Mask layer and inserted a Keyframe (F6)

  11. You now need to create a ‘Shape Tween’ to make the rectangle reveal slowly. If you don’t know how to do this, Right click in the Mask layer and click ‘Create Shape Tween’

  12. Your Timeline should now look like this. Test the movie to see the Mask in action (CTRL+Return) The movie now slowly reveals the mask but loops itself at the end. We will use Action Script to stop the movie playing.

  13. Create a new layer at the top and rename it ‘Actions’ Then right click on the final frame of this layer and select ‘Actions’.

  14. This is the Action Script panel. To stop the movie this is the script that you need to write. The Action Script panel lets you have a very advanced level of control, this is just a very simple code.

  15. When you close the Action panel Flash automatically puts the script in the first frame of the Actions layer. This will stop the Movie before it has started! You will have to move or cut/copy the frame with the action script and put it in the final frame.

  16. You have now created a Mask in Adobe Flash. Experiment with different ways you could use the mask layer. How could you use it on Pictures? Text? Buttons? How could you apply a mask to your product?