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Adobe Flash CS3 PowerPoint Presentation
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Adobe Flash CS3

Adobe Flash CS3

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Adobe Flash CS3

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  1. Adobe Flash CS3 Chapter 1 Spring 2013

  2. Adobe Flash • Adobe Flash is a development tool that allows you to create compelling interactive experiences, often by using animation. • Flash can be used for the following: • Create Web Sites including • E-commerce • Entertainment • Education • Personal Use

  3. Adobe Flash • Flash is known as a tool for creating complex animations for the Web. • However, it can be used as excellent drawing tools and as tools for creating navigation buttons • Flash provides the ability to incorporate sounds and video easily into an application

  4. Organizing the Flash Workspace • As a designer, one of the most important things for you to do is to organize your workspace – that is, to decide what to have displayed. • Flash is a powerful program with many tools and it is easy for your workspace to become cluttered. • It is important to only display tools that you are currently working with.

  5. The Development Process • Flash operates according to a movie metaphor: you create scenes on a stage; these scenes run in frames on a timeline. • As you work you are creating a movie by arranging objects on the stage and then animating objects using the Timeline.

  6. The Stage • The stage contains all of the objects that are part of the movie that will be seen by your viewers. • You can resize the stage. • You can change the background of the stage. • You can draw objects directly on the stage or drag them from the Library panel to the stage. • The gray area surrounding the stage is the Pasteboard. You can place objects on the pasteboard but they will not appear in the movie.

  7. The Timeline • The timeline is used to organize and control the movie’s contents by specifying when each object appears on the stage. • The images are contained within frames, which are segments of the timeline. • When a flash movie is played, a playhead moves from frame to frame causing the contents to appear on the stage in a linear sequence.

  8. Layers/Panels • Layers help to organize the objects on the stage. You can draw and edit objects on one layer without affecting objects on other layers. Layers allow you to stack objects so they can overlap and give a 3D appearance. • Panels are used to view, organize, and modify objects and features in a movie. • The most commonly used panels are the Tools panel, Properties panel, and Library panel.

  9. Opening a Movie in Flash • Flash files are called documents and have an .fla file extension. • In order to view a Flash movie, computers must have Flash player installed. • After opening a movie, you can preview it by playing the frames by directing the playhead to move through the timeline, and you watch the movement on the stage.