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2009 Cookie Program PowerPoint Presentation
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2009 Cookie Program

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2009 Cookie Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2009 Cookie Program. Cookie Delivery 2008. simply by changing our delivery system. we could deliver 2,393,004 boxes of cookies in 7 days…. better yet, deliver 2,592,373 boxes in 8 days and with only 17 delivery sites…. Imagine troops picking up cookies in 10-15 min.

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cookie delivery 2008

Cookie Delivery 2008

simply by changing our delivery system


we could deliver 2,393,004 boxes of cookies in 7 days…

better yet, deliver 2,592,373 boxes in 8 days and with only 17 delivery sites…


Imagine troops picking up cookies in 10-15 min

Imagine NOT having to unload a truck

Imagine the Association working as a team

Imagine if…this is the ONLY way to deliver cookies in the future

what is a cookie drive thru
What is a Cookie Drive Thru?
  • Cookies are loaded, by variety, in 6-8 large delivery trucks.
  • Trucks are parked, either end to end or side by side in a large parking lot.
  • Troops, after pick up times are reserved and confirmed in eBudde, pick up their cookies directly off of the trucks.
  • In one day, an entire Association receives their cookies (up to 250 troops)
an ideal site
An ideal site
  • A commercial parking lot from either a strip mall or the fringe parking of a large shopping mall.
  • Maybe a church, a bingo hall, a firehouse, concert venue, college campus or community organization parking lot
truck set up
Truck set up

Depending on the number of troops being served and the number of cases to be delivered, your trucks will either be positioned end to end…


Truck set up

… or side by side.

cars stop at each truck for cookie loading
Cars stop at each truck for cookie loading

End to end, you will have troops picking up in 2 lines – one on each side of the trucks.

Side by side, troops stop in front of each truck. Only one line happens at one time.


It’s a great opportunity to let the community know…cookies are here!

You WILL attract attention…

cookie drive thru facts
Cookie Drive Thru Facts


  • Less handling of cookies- less damage
  • Don’t spend all day at a delivery site waiting for trucks, off loading, sorting by troop and then reloading cars
  • Can delivery 250+ troops in one day (3 minute intervals)
  • TCMs schedule their time for pick-up
  • SUCMs & ACMs work as a team.
  • Get a cookie buzz going in the community.


  • Weather in February
  • Need a good traffic flow
  • Need an organized check in and check out
  • Need to retrain (untrain?) TCMs in method of scheduling pick up
  • Might only see TCMs for a few minutes as delivery can happen in 10 minutes start to finish
sample scheduling
Sample Scheduling
  • Delivery starts at 10:00
  • Schedule troops every 2 ½ to 3 minutes
  • Allow for one or two 15 minute breaks and 30 minutes lunch. This allows for catch up if schedule gets off kilter
  • Run two lines for 200-250 troops, one for 100-125
  • Delivery will take approximately 7 ½ to 8 hours for the maximum number of troops
  • Troops schedule pick ups themselves after they submit their initial order.
  • Can schedule pick ups by Service Unit time blocks but not recommended
layout for delivery the cars can go either direction depending on the site and traffic patterns
Layout for DeliveryThe cars can go either direction depending on the site and traffic patterns

Line #1

Line #2

Security Storage Guys




GS volunteer


Staged cookies

how to get started
How to get started
  • Identify potential sites
  • Determine who controls the site. Sometimes it is a Property Management group that is off site and maybe even out of state.
  • With a date in hand, make the approach.
  • GSCNC can provide certificates of insurance and sign any temporary license agreements necessary. We do not pay for site usage.
moving forward
Moving Forward

The marketing possibilities are high.

Turn the event into a festival!

Make a big deal of letting your community know THE COOKIES ARE HERE!