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Democratic Party

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Democratic Party
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  1. Democratic Party by: Nyla, Imani, river, and Sydney

  2. Background • The two original parties included the federalist party and the democratic-republican party. In 1816, the federalist party left leaving one party, however a split occurred in the democratic- republican party giving a rise to two factions: the national republicans and the democrats. After Andrew Jackson was elected and supporters created their own organization the organization became known as the democratic party.

  3. Current leadership • The president of the united states, barack Obama, is one of the leaders of the democratic party today. Barack Obama is one of the leaders that work in office. • Beside the president is the vice president also known as Joe biden who works in office with president as well. • Another leaders that are apart of the democratic party include nancy Pelosi (house democratic leader), harry reid (senate majority leader), and Debbie wasserman Schultz (democratic national committee chair).

  4. Organizational structure local state national There is a president and a president pro tempore in city council at the local level. There are thousands of county democratic committees all throughout the united states. State parties consist of state central committees, state conventions and congressional committees. There are committees in 50 states and guam. National committees are the national policy creators for each party. A chairperson is usually selected by the president of the party in power and the party national committee chooses the chairperson for other party. At the national level, there is the democratic national committee , (dnc).

  5. Demographic information • The democratic party has a significant advantage with women when it comes to gender. Also marital status, marriage tends to have an impact on how women vote. Unmarried women vote democratic about 62 percent • With age democrats tend to be in the younger generation. 48 percent of young voters went democratic • Democrats have a tremendous amount of diversity in their ranks when race is involved.

  6. What are the current platforms??? platforms • Taxes • Abortion rights • Gay marriage • Immigration • Medicare • Health care

  7. What are they trying to improve??? • The democratic party is trying or working on improving the issue of healthcare. The reason for trying to work on this issue is because many citizens need help to pay for their health from medical services. • Gay marriage is another issue that the democratic party is trying to resolve. They gave people the right to gay marriage by supporting the equal treatment under the law for same sex marriage.

  8. Democratic donkey the symbol of the donkey representing the democratic party is said to have stemmed from Andrew Jackson. His opposition called him a jackass (donkey). Instead of taking it as an insult, he chose to adopt this as a symbol becoming the symbol of the democratic party.

  9. Any questions???