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tommy douglas and the new democratic party n.
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Tommy Douglas and the New Democratic Party PowerPoint Presentation
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Tommy Douglas and the New Democratic Party

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Tommy Douglas and the New Democratic Party

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  1. Tommy Douglas and the New Democratic Party The Answers

  2. Why did the CCF loose support after the Second World War? They lost support because the economy was strong and most people were employed. People tend to only support more left or right leaning parties in large numbers during times of economic turmoil.

  3. Which two groups joined together to form the New Democratic Party? • The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).

  4. When was the NDP formed? • It was formed in 1961.

  5. Who was Tommy Douglas? Why was he important to Canadian History? • Tommy Douglas was a Baptist minister who became a politician who became premier of Saskatchewan when his party the CCF took power. He is important to Canadian History because he is the person who pushed the Federal Government for universal health care.

  6. Describe three major contributions that the NDP have made to Canadian society and how they have affected our daily lives. • Universal Health Care – guarantees that all Canadians have access to health care with no additional costs. • Old Age Pensions – gives people who are too old to work money every moth to help with living expenses. • Workers Compensation – if an employee is injured on the job they receive compensation until they can return to work

  7. Bonus – Who is Tommy Douglas’ famous grandson? What is he famous for? • Keifer Sutherland. He is a famous actor (most famous role as Jack Bauer on the TV show 24)

  8. The Cuban Missile Crisis The Answers

  9. When did the Cuban Missile Crisis happen? • The Cuba Missile Crisis happened in October of 1962.

  10. What country was responsible for building missile silos in Cuba? • The Soviet Union built them.

  11. Who was the president of the United States at the time? • The president was John F. Kennedy

  12. How did the Americans react? • President Kennedy announced on TV that American warships would blockade Cuba until the Russian missile sites were taken down.

  13. How was the Cuban Missile Crisis resolved? How long did it last? • The Cuban Missile Crisis was resolved when the Russians took down their missile site. The standoff lasted two weeks.

  14. Peace Keeping The Answers

  15. Which Canadian Prime Minister was responsible for establishing the UN Peace Keepers? • The peace keepers were established by Lester B. Pearson.

  16. How many peace keeping missions have the UN participated in? • They have participated in more than 40 missions.

  17. What countries have peace keepers served in? • They have served in Cyprus, Kashmir, the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia and Kuwait.

  18. What role did Canada play in Rwanda from 1993 to 1996? • The Canadians were responsible for protecting the capital city of Kigali during the Rwandan Civil War.

  19. How do UN peace keepers help out in times of conflict? • Help bring in food and medical supplies and maintain cease fire orders.