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Mr. Paul Newfield Policies, Procedures and Expectations PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr. Paul Newfield Policies, Procedures and Expectations

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Mr. Paul Newfield Policies, Procedures and Expectations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mr. Paul Newfield Policies, Procedures and Expectations. P.A.W. Pride Philosophy. Practice Safety Act Respectfully Work Responsibly . Practice Safety. Keep hands, feet and other objects to self. When leaving class, have a pass. Walk facing forward. Walk, except for playground.

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mr paul newfield policies procedures and expectations
Mr. Paul Newfield

Policies, Procedures and Expectations

p a w pride philosophy
P.A.W. Pride Philosophy
  • Practice Safety
  • Act Respectfully
  • Work Responsibly
practice safety
Practice Safety
  • Keep hands, feet and other objects to self.
  • When leaving class, have a pass.
  • Walk facing forward.
  • Walk, except for playground.
  • Follow adult directions.
act respectfully
Act Respectfully
  • Move to designated areas purposefully.
  • Respect others' space and property.
  • Use polite and appropriate language.
  • Speak with respect.
  • Allow adults to pass in front

of you.

work responsibly
Work Responsibly
  • Wear proper uniforms daily.
  • Report unsafe acts.
  • Avoid loitering.
  • Move to designated areas purposefully.
  • Stop immediately when told to do so.
hallway breezeway
  • Practice Safety
    • Hallways are quiet zones (except indoor recess)
    • Walk on the right side in a single file line
  • Act Respectfully
    • When appropriate, allow others to pass
    • Hold door for others
  • Work Responsibly
    • Admire displays with your eyes only,

not your hands

  • Practice Safety
    • Follow all playground rules
    • When the bell rings
      • Cease playing
      • Return equipment
      • Line up quietly facing forward
  • Act respectfully
    • Use good sportsmanship
    • Follow game rules
    • Dispose of trash and uneaten food properly
  • Work Responsibly
    • Use recess time for restroom

and water

restroom water fountain
Restroom/Water Fountain
  • Practice Safety
    • Sign out and in on classroom log
    • Writing instruments remain in class
    • Flush toilets, wash hands, and put trash in receptacle
    • Return to class quickly
restroom water fountain1
Restroom/Water Fountain
  • Act respectfully
    • Flush!
    • Avoid Littering. Dispose of trash properly.
    • Wash hands using soap.
    • Maintain personal space. Give others privacy.
restroom water fountain2
Restroom/Water Fountain
  • Work Responsibly
    • Report any concerns.
    • Flush!
    • Wash hands using soap.
    • Help maintain equipment with proper usage. Use toilets/urinals correctly.
    • Make wise use of recess time.
arrival and departure
Arrival and Departure
  • Practice Safety
    • Be on time for your bus and board in a single file line.
    • Bus passes to ride a different bus must be signed by administration.
    • Car riders sit in designated areas.
    • All walkers/bike riders leave campus immediately using sidewalks and crosswalks.
    • Bike riders walk bikes on and off campus.
arrival and departure1
Arrival and Departure
  • Act respectfully
    • Avoid loud noise and talking
    • Keep the bus clean.
    • Give others their space. Show consideration for others’ property.
    • Speak with respect and appreciation to your bus driver.
arrival and departure2
Arrival and Departure
  • Work Responsibly
    • Listen carefully to bus numbers called in the afternoon announcements.
    • Be on time.
    • Upon dismissal, move directly to bus, car, or walking area.
classroom expectations
Classroom Expectations
  • Give your best at all times.
  • Take responsibility for your

actions or lack thereof.

  • Have total control of yourself and your emotions.
classroom expectations1
Classroom Expectations
  • Be mindful of other people and their personal space.
classroom expectations2
Classroom Expectations
  • Come to school with

an open mind ready to learn.

  • Respect everyone,

starting with yourself.

classroom expectations3
Classroom Expectations
inappropriate behaviors
Inappropriate Behaviors
  • 1. Inappropriate tone and/or gestures
  • 2. Continued refusal to follow reasonable requests
  • 3. Low incidents of teasing/harassment
  • 4. Misuse of property
  • 5. Disrupting the classroom
  • 6. Mild Profanity/Ugly words
  • 7. Possession of inappropriate items
inappropriate behaviors1
Inappropriate Behaviors
  • 8. Minor physical contact with no injury
  • 9. Dress code violation
  • 10. Throwing items without injury
  • 11. Lying, Forgery, Cheating
  • 12. Hallway/Line Misbehavior
  • 13. Gum/Snacks/Drinks
  • 14. Other

During one school day:

First Offense-Verbal Warning

Second Offense-Mark on Discipline Log Sheet

Third Offense-Mark on Discipline Log Sheet

Fourth Offense-Think Tank Recess Detention

Fifth Offense-After School Detention (M-Th)

Sixth Offense-Administrative Action


During one week:

If a student amasses a total of six (6) marks on the Student Discipline Log in one week’s time, the student will then receive a Think Tank Recess Detention the next school day.


A parent can be notified at any time regarding inappropriate behavior via phone, e-mail, or personal contact.

  • Feeling of doing the right thing
  • A student will receive a PAW ticket for ZERO marks on the discipline log sheet during the week.
  • Student will be considered for Student of the Week honors.
paw tickets
PAW Tickets
  • Monthly raffle for 10 prizes
  • Bathroom pass for use during unscheduled bathroom breaks.
  • Last Friday of the month fun with six (6) PAW tickets.
student responsibilities
Student Responsibilities
  • Come to school EVERYDAY on time and stay the ENTIRE day.
  • Complete ALL assignments to the best of your ability.
  • Believe in yourself and others!!!
student responsibilities1
Student Responsibilities
  • Complete ALL homework, everyday, no matter what.
  • Read and study every night.
  • Ask for help from friends and teachers.
student responsibilities2
Student Responsibilities
  • Write all homework in agenda
  • Get agenda signed daily
    • Students will receive one PAW ticket each week for a signature each night.
classroom procedures
Classroom Procedures
  • Enter class quietly in proper uniform.
  • Get materials ready (pencils, pens, binder, notebook, EDC, etc.)
  • Read an AR book until class begins
classroom procedures1
Classroom Procedures
  • Remain seated while teacher is teaching.
  • Hold all trash until dismissed from class.
  • Take all things with you when you leave (lunch, instruments, etc.)
classroom procedures2
Classroom Procedures
  • Use a pass when leaving class on your own.
  • Keep your desk area clean.
  • Stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Be quiet and listen to all announcements.
classroom procedures3
Classroom Procedures
  • Respect all visitors by staying on task or being quiet.