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Class Procedures and Expectations PowerPoint Presentation
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Class Procedures and Expectations

Class Procedures and Expectations

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Class Procedures and Expectations

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  1. Class Procedures and Expectations 2013-2014

  2. Ms. Hoxit’s Classroom • My classroom is designed to be an open forum for students to feel comfortable sharing ideas, thoughts, and questions regarding mathematics. • I do not have time, nor will I waste valuable instruction time for student misbehavior. • Students are expected to come to my class prepared and ready to work for the full class time. • Students are expected to be familiar and comply with all rules set forth by the PVHS agenda.

  3. Respect • Students and teacher will treat classmates and teacher with respect at all times. • When I am talking…you are not! • When you are talking…I am not! • Please be respectful of others opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

  4. Prompt • Be in the seat and ready for class when the tardy bell rings. • Come to class prepared with notebook, paper, pencil, books, and any other required materials.

  5. Tardy • (FIRST PERIOD) If you arrive after the tardy bell, you must go to the front office to receive a tardy slip. • The Tardy Policy will hold in this class.

  6. Food and drink • It is our responsibility as a class to keep this room clean. • Do not leave unwanted items or trash on or around the desk. • The only drink permitted in this classroom is WATER. • If you have food keep it stored in your backpack. • If you have any beverage other than water, also keep it stored in your back pack during the class period.

  7. Instruction • Instruction will occur from bell to bell. • You are to be in your seat when the tardy bell rings. • You are not to pack up early or be out of your seat until the bell rings to leave. • When I am speaking and/or delivering a lesson you are not to get out of your seat. • If there is an emergency you may raise your hand and I will then address your situation.

  8. Assignments • Please turn all assignments in on the desk near the window. There are blue containers with each class labeled.