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  1. RHMS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Mrs. F. Clark’s 6th Grade Math Class “Committed to Excellence and Success in All we do!”

  2. Policies and Procedures Are: • The rules and guidelines that have been established and will be followed. • They help provide structure to the school and classroom environments. • They assist us with making good decisions.

  3. My FFC Philosophy • I will make every effort to be Fair • I believe in being Firm • I will strive to be Consistent

  4. CLASSROOM RULES Clark’s Code • Respect! • Respect! • Respect! • This includes respecting yourself, school employees, other students, and school property.

  5. Grading • Formative Assessments (Daily grades & quizzes) 60% • Summative Assessments (Unit Tests, Projects, & Nine Weeks Exam) 40%

  6. Entering The Classroom Students are to line up quietly in a single file and silent line (S & S) outside the classroom. Students should remain in line until the teacher gives them permission to enter. • No Horseplay Please! (Keep, your hands, feet, and inappropriate comments to yourself)

  7. Opening/ActivatorAs students enter the classroom a beginning assignment or activity will be prepared. • Students should be prepared to begin working on the opening assignment as soon as they enter the class. • The opening assignments range from: • Current Concept and Basic Skills Review • Consist of 4 to 6 math problems. • Test Taking Strategies • A series of questions that focus on a specific type of test question, i.e. interpreting graphs or short answer. • Writing Prompts • Topics will focus on material being covered in class. • Exciting Lesson Activators • Fingerprints to Factorprints for example.

  8. When the lights are turned out that is a signal for quiet. If students are working in groups the teacher will display a red card to signify that the students should stop what they are working on, take a seat, and sit quietly to await further instruction. Attention Getting Signals

  9. HOMEWORK Expect Homework to be assigned Mon. – Thurs. Weekly HW Sheets and Daily HW Assignments HW Communication Student are encouraged to write down assignments in their agendas or designated place in their binders. Assigned HW will also be located on the calendar section of my webpage. HW may be reviewed daily or at the end of the week. Questions regarding HW will be addressed daily. HW is considered complete if all problems are attempted and evidence of their solution is present. Students must show their work! Students should also review/study for an additional 10 minutes as a part of their daily HW routine.

  10. Breaks Restroom Breaks Students will either be taken to the restroom as a class or they may use the restroom with a pass during the first 7 minutes of class. Locker Breaks For our team locker breaks will take place in the morning, during HR, after 3rd block, and at the end of the day.

  11. Let’s Have a Great Year! • Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. • fclark@bryan.k12.ga.us • (912) 459-5130