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iPad Procedures and Expectations PowerPoint Presentation
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iPad Procedures and Expectations

iPad Procedures and Expectations

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iPad Procedures and Expectations

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  1. iPad Procedures and Expectations

  2. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING….. LISTEN!!!! READ DIRECTIONS!!!! PAY ATTENTION!!! Why do you think these are the most important “rules?”

  3. REMEMBER This is a tool for education, not a toy! Listen to directions! Follow along with us! We are all learning! It’s ok to ask questions. Be flexible! Sometimes we’ll have to change plans or the way we’re doing something if the technology doesn’t seem to be working for us.

  4. Beginning of Class Sit down in your seat Place your iPad on the desk FACE DOWN and HANDS OFF in front of you No ear buds in. Make sure the ENTIRE device sits safely on the table/desk

  5. Basic Care How to: carry the iPad clean the screen

  6. General Rules What not to do: change the settings or delete apps bypass the school filter remove the case set anything on your iPad never set on the floor any other prohibited behaviors

  7. When devices are not being used... Screen/face down Hands off

  8. Emergency Procedures In case of a fire drill, severe weather drill, or lock down Leave your iPad right where it is at the moment the emergency drill starts When the "all clear" is given, return to your iPad and double check you have the right one

  9. iPads and Reading It is acceptable to use your iPad during Thursday SSR. You must read a novel. The news, websites and/or magazines are not acceptable. You must have your book ready to read. You do not get to spend the time finding a new book to read. When reading, put your iPad flat on your desk and keep your hands off your iPad. We will be talking about iBooks later.

  10. Account Setup and Saving Files When setting up accounts, use your mypanthers username and password ex: 18jrunni, jr082199 When naming files, use this format hour/period, last name, first name Ex: “H5, Cyrus, Miley, Conflict Paragraph”

  11. Emailing Assignments Email all assignments to: Put your first and last name on the document In the subject line write: H# Lastname, Firstname, Assignment Name Example: H5 Squarepants, Spongebob, Landlady Paragraph

  12. Submitting electronic assignments Arial, Times New Roman, Cambria, Calibri are acceptable fonts. NOTHING ELSE!! Your size should be 12 point. Use the color black…not blue, purple, red, etc. No bolding, underlining or italicizing. Double space – you do NOT hit enter twice to double space. Use left justification. (Line up everything to the left margin.) After you finish a sentence and add a period, hit the space bar twice. NEVER submit documents as a PDF.

  13. A word about using your own IDs Last year, students were very upset when the district went through and wiped out their personal IDs. Sure, it might work for a few days, but then students start downloading their own apps and eventually the district catches on and not only are you put on restricted accounts, you may have work that you did for class wiped out as well. It is very important that you understand that you are suppose to use your mypanthers account that you set up yesterday in 6th Period. If you lose work because you completed it under a different personal ID, that will not excuse you from the assignment.

  14. Apps You’ll Need Scan Google Drive Socrative SimpleMind+ Merriam-Webster Dictionary

  15. Scan What will I be using it for? Downloading sites, apps, assignments, codes, etc.

  16. My web page All documents in this class are available on my awesome web page. Let’s go there!!! Create a home button for this page. Click the box with the arrow at the top of your iPad page, select Add to Home Screen, type in, Mrs. Running’s Awesome and Amazing Page! Select Add

  17. Google Drive App Sharing written assignments with your teacher. Creating assignments on Google Doc Storing your documents Either scan the QR code or go to the App Store

  18. Socrative App What it’s used for: A way to take quizzes online and get immediate feedback.

  19. Simpleminds What it is used for: We use Simpleminds Mind Maps to sequence stories or make connections between ideas.

  20. Miriam-Webster Dictionary App What do we use it for? We use it for looking up words, defining words, and to find new word choices.