aj 001 introduction to aj n.
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AJ 001 Introduction to AJ. Terrorism . Contemporary Challenges of the Criminal Justice System. New threats are evolving in both complexity and seriousness. At the same time the system must continue its efforts to control traditional crimes.

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contemporary challenges of the criminal justice system
Contemporary Challenges of the Criminal Justice System
  • New threats are evolving in both complexity and seriousness.
  • At the same time the system must continue its efforts to control traditional crimes.
  • The system must also adhere by due process requirements
contemporary challenges of the criminal justice system1
Contemporary Challenges of the Criminal Justice System
  • Emerging forms of criminal activity pose a significant threat to society
    • Terrorism
    • Cyber Crime
terrorism defined
Terrorism defined
  • Premeditated
    • Politically motivated violence against noncombatants targets by sub-national groups
    • Intended to influence and audience
who is the terrorist 4 views
Who is the terrorist? 4 Views
  • Psychological view
  • Socialization view
  • Ideological view
  • Alienation view
  • Psychological view- Emotional problems; Terrorists do what they do because of a wide variety of emotional problems.
    • Self-destructive urges
    • Disturbed emotions combined with
    • Problems with authority
  • Socialization view-from dysfunctional families (absent father)
    • Raised to hate their opponents
    • Often from dysfunctional families where the father was absent
    • And they were viewed as economically, socially, politically weak and ineffective
  • Ideological view- Successful beliefs that self sacrifice outweighs guilt created by harming innocent people.
    • Heightened perceptions of oppressive conditions
    • Believing that they are being victimized by the government
  • Alienation view- lack of economic opportunity and failure. Suicide mission will cleanse them of the corruption of the modern world.
    • Alienated from modern society
3 factors to consider
3 Factors to Consider
  • 1 .Radicalization
  • 2. Mobilization – Active Support
  • 3. Action – violent action
  • Terrorism
    • Personal Factors
    • Community Factors
    • Group Factors
    • Socio-political Factors
    • Ideals


    • Preparing for an attack
      • Investigation link
  • Purchasing devices to produce weapons of mass destruction
fighting terrorism
Fighting Terrorism
  • National Counterterrorism Center
    • (NCTC)
      • Living in an open and free nation, we were are not originally prepared to deal with terrorism.
      • This was created in 2002, after 9/11- also known as the 9/11 Commission.
      • http://www.nctc.gov/video/nctc07-main-edit-mpeg-1.mpg or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFOOWATRbb8
department of homeland security
Department of Homeland Security
  • DHS
      • http://blog.dhs.gov/2011/10/video-secretary-napolitano-and-former.html
federal bureau of investigation
Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Law Enforcement online
    • http://www.leo.gov/
california anti terrorism information center
California Anti-Terrorism Information Center
  • http://oag.ca.gov/bi
  • State of California Attorney General’s Office Division of Law Enforcement
county law enforcement
County Law Enforcement
  • The Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center
  • Operated out of the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department
    • Task with the duty of correcting incompatibility

with radio communications – called interoperability-

  • Long Beach Police Department
    • http://www.longbeach.gov/police/about/support_bureau_deputy_chief/emergency_operations_division/office_of_counter_terrorism.asp
los angeles port police
Los Angeles Port Police
  • http://www.portoflosangeles.org/idx_security.asp
los angeles police department
Los Angeles Police Department

Counter Terrorism Unit

  • http://www.lapdonline.org/inside_the_lapd/content_basic_view/27421
new york police department counter terrorism unit
New York Police Department Counter Terrorism Unit
  • What is the NYPD doing to fight terrorism?
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf_PzCfpPug