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Horses. By: Micaela. 1. Table of contents. The title: page 1 . The table of contents: page 2. How Fast Horses Can Run: page 3 How Horses Look: page 4 How to Take Care of a Horse: page 5. Glossary: page 6 Indexs : page 7 . 2. How Fast Horses C an Run.

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By: Micaela


table of contents
Table of contents

The title: page 1

The table of contents: page 2

How Fast Horses Can Run: page 3

How Horses Look: page 4

How to Take Care of a Horse: page 5

Glossary: page 6

Indexs: page 7


how fast horses c an run
How Fast Horses Can Run

You will be learning about how fast horses can run, how horses look, and how to take care of a horse. Some horses are in races. Sometimes I go to big horse races. Horses who race can run to 50mph to 80mph. They can run fast because they practis really hard. Horse who don’t race can run to 40mph to 60mph. The horses who don’t race are slower because they don’t practis really hard like the horses who race do. You can see some horse races at maness. I went to maness it was a really big place.

A not raceing horse running.


A horse who does race practising.

how horses l ook
How Horses Look

Horses have a and a tale made out of hair. If you come their tale and mane their hair is fluffy. Horses have 4 legs andhooves. Their hooves really hard. Horses have a big body. That body can get as big as 800-1200.

A horse trotting.


A horse hollded by a post.

how to take care of horses
How to Take Care of Horses

Every day go out and ride your horse. So they don’t run away and feel lonely. You have to groom them and put on some horse shoes. Some horse shoes are iron. Take off their satle and give them water and oits. Some of the water is dirty, if you clean out it won’t be really dirty. I hope you enjoyed leaning about How fast horse can run, How horses look, How to take care of a horse.

A girl grooming a horse.

A horses’s owner feeding a horses.



Groom- You brush your horse with a special come.

Hooves- the end of a horses foot and it’s really hard.

Horse Shoes- It goes at the end of a hoove to pertect it.

Oaits- A food that horses eat.

Satle- It goes on the back of a horse when you ride a horse.



Groom: page 5

hooves: page 4

Horse shoes: page 5

Oaits: page 5

Satle: page 5