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  1. Horses by: Julia L.

  2. What Horses Look Like Horses have many different body parts. There is the poll, forhead, cheek bone jowls, muzzle, chin groove, thort, jugular groove, point of shoulder, breast, muscle, elbow, knee, cannon bone, cornet, hoof, heel, pastern, tedon, chestnut, brisket, belly, stifle, quarters, hock, forlock, jonit, root of tail, girth, withers, chest, and mane. Horses also have the biggest eyes of all land mammals. There are nine colors that a horse can have. Those colors are: dun, a color that is /sandy yellow and reddish/ brown, run : a blue run is a black or brown horse with a little bit of white, gray : a mix of black and white.

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  4. Diet There are many different types of food that a in horse can have depending on how much energy it need for the mount of exercise it is doing. Hay is a cut and dried grass. That is the main diet in the Winter. Conentrate foods are, bran produced from milled wheat, High erergy grains such as oats and barley maize, chuff a mix of hay and straw. Succulent foods are items such as carrots and apples. Compound foods are nuts, sugar cubes, or coase mixes that are all ready mixed.

  5. Habitat Horses can live anywhere with grass, like the planes, farm, valleys and other places with grass. You can also keep your horse in a stable if you are on vacation.

  6. How Horses Are Measured Horses and ponies are measured in hands. One hand is equivalent to 4 inches or 10 centimeters. Also ponies that are over 14.2 inches is considered to be a horses. Whether being measured in hands and inches or centimeter the height is always taken from the ground to the highest point of the withers.

  7. Foal mare and stallion When a foal is born it’s legs are weak. After the foal stands up the mare/mom licks her foal clean. Then the mare and foal sniff each other to learn there smell. A foal is called a yearling when it is one year old. A male yearling is called a stallion when it is 3 years old same with a mare but called a mare.

  8. Grooming & Traveling Grooming means keeping a horse clean. A body brush is a brush that is usually is a soft brush with short bristles, used to remove dirt after you used the curry comb and dandy brush. It’s also used on a horses head and other sensitive places. Before you load your horse in the trailer make sure it is comfortable and pleasant for your horse. Also put saw dust on the trailer floor, for your horse to stand on.

  9. Fun facts • Horses come in many different breads • Hoses are related to the przewalski horse , zebras and the mule. • All race horses have the birthday January 1st • Horses have 36 teeth

  10. Resources • • Horse encyclopedia