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Horses. By Lily Mcdaid. colors of Horses !. There are many colors of horses here are a few black, white, palomino, bay, pinto, chestnut, and dapple gray. . Tack!.

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By Lily Mcdaid

colors of horses
colors of Horses!

There are many colors of horses here are a few black, white, palomino, bay, pinto, chestnut, and dapple gray.

  • Tack is another word for saddles and bridles there is only 2 kinds of bridles they are Western bridles and regular bridles. There are lots of different kinds of saddles here are 3 Western saddles English saddles and side saddles.
feeding time
Feeding time!
  • Most people think horses only eat grass but that is not true. Horses eat many things such as…treats, oats, grass, hay, grain, dried sugar beet (must be socked before feeding), bran, sweet feed, pellets, chaff.PS your pony always has to have fresh water.
riding on the road
Riding on the road
  • Never ride on the road unless you are sure you can control the pony in any situation and never ride alone on the road. If you are not experienced try not to ride on the road at night. Always be polite to drivers on the road. The drivers always have the right away. If you ride on the road at night always were reflective safety wear. The hand signals for riding on the riding on the road are hold your right hand in front of you to ask a car to STOP. Hold your right arm out to TURN RIGHT. Do the same thing but hold your left arm out to TURN LEFT.
wild horses
Wild Horses!
  • Wild horses are amazing to see here are some places to look for them the deserts of Nevada, Pryor mountains of Montana and Wyoming, North Carolina, assateague, chincoteague.
  • When people think of thoroughbreds they think of horse racing thoroughbreds gallop around the racetracks at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. The breed is very popular because it has existed for 300 years thoroughbreds don’t only race but they also jump.
grooming a pony
Grooming A Pony!
  • To groom a pony you use a curry come 1 then body brush then hoof pick then a mane come then a tail come. To groom a horse you need a curry come, body brush, hoof pick, mane come, and a tail come.
  • What does your horse always need?
  • What is one color of a horse that is not black, white, or brown?
  • What goes on the horses back?
  • What is one brush?
  • What are racers called?
  • Name one kind of food?
  • Water
  • Saddle
  • Thoroughbreds