Connecting England
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Connecting England The Report of the TCPA Commission for the Vision of England Professor Sir Peter Hall National Planning Forum 20 June 2006. Pam Alexander Cllr Sir Jeremy Beecham Sir Ken Collins Vincent Goodstadt Howard Sheppard Brian Tisdall Ken Bartlett Graeme Bell. Prof David Lock

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Connecting EnglandThe Reportof the TCPA Commission for the Vision of EnglandProfessor Sir Peter HallNational Planning Forum20 June 2006

Connecting england

Pam Alexander

Cllr Sir Jeremy Beecham

Sir Ken Collins

Vincent Goodstadt

Howard Sheppard

Brian Tisdall

Ken Bartlett

Graeme Bell

Prof David Lock

Robin Pyle

Rod Bull

Nigel Hugill

Lee Shostack

Andrew George MP

Prof Peter Roberts

Rt. Hon. John Gummer

Connecting England

The Commission: 2004-6

Advisor – Prof Sir Peter Hall

The key message

Connecting England

The Key Message

  • “Without a strategy to guide key infrastructure projects and national programmes, to set priorities … the country will simply drift directionless, reinforcing a belief, real or imagined, that the winner takes it all”

  • Peter Hetherington, Commission Chair

Connecting england1
Connecting England

The Challenges:

  • Inequality between regions

    • Inequality within regions

    • Threats to the growth and productivity of the Golden Arc and beyond

    • Inequalities in housing

Connecting england2
Connecting England

The Challenges:

• The Challenge of Sustainable Communities

• Rural Development

• The Transport System

• Energy, Water and Waste

Lessons from elsewhere

Connecting England

Lessons from Elsewhere

  • Wales

  • Germany

  • Scotland

  • All have Spatial Development Frameworks

  • England needs its DFE

Connecting england3
Connecting England

DFE: Key Recommendations: 1-3

  • Rail:New or vastly improved north-south and west-east (trans-Pennine) rail routes

  • Airports:Grow northern airports, particularly Manchester (UK’s No. 3), to take the pressure off Heathrow and Gatwick

  • Ports:Strategy to determine how much further growth at southern ports (Felixstowe, Southampton) and to encourage growth at northern ports with spare capacity (Liverpool, Teesport, Hull)

Connecting england4
Connecting England

DEF: Key Recommendations: 4-6

  • Region-proofing: All planning decisions on nationally significant research facilities to ensure regional development implications highlighted and regional development benefits optimised

  • University research: Science and Innovation Strategy to consider wider economic role of universities alongside excellence and opportunity

  • Local Government and the regions: Government to give major unitary authorities (Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, West Midlands) same transport powers (and ultimately planning and regional development powers) as Greater London

Connecting england5
Connecting England

DFE: Key Recommendations: 7-9

  • Housing and Sustainable Communities: Government review to focus on increasing subsidised housing supply – principally RSLs but also LAs, self builders and others

  • Participatory planning process:establishing a DFE through a multi-level process, initially from existing regional strategies. Ultimately a DFE must receive Parliamentary scrutiny and be adopted by national Government

  • Criteria based projects assessment:a strict, criteria-based approach to assess and determine projects and policies to be expressed and prioritised in a DFE

Connecting england6
Connecting England

DFE: Key Recommendations: 10-12

  • Statutory obligation: Statutory duty upon UK Government institutions to promote development in regions and subregions falling below average national income levels

  • Constitutional safeguards: In future constitutional reforms, give local and regional Government a stronger voice

  • Relocation:Implement Lyons recommendations – relocate 20,000 civil service posts - to areas in need of investment and regeneration, with a majority to the north and far southwest; review and extend beyond 20,000 target; encourage local government to locate certain functions in regeneration areas

Tcpa approval

Connecting England

TCPA Approval

  • Approved by TCPA Policy Council, May 2006

    TCPA Objectives