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England. index. History ……….. 1 Culture ………….2 States ……………3 Economy ……….4 Natural soureces ……….5 Topography …….6 . History .

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  • History……….. 1
  • Culture………….2
  • States……………3
  • Economy……….4
  • Natural soureces……….5
  • Topography…….6
  • Rob, a constant and true friend of the History of England Podcast, has offered the opportunity to win a prize - open to all the donators to the History of England in January and February.
  • The idea is that I will send Rob
  • England is a land of creativity and innovation. Locals and visitors are assured of new and exciting elements that are continuously being refreshed. This is especially true of epicentres such as London and Manchester. There are even specific projects that are designed to engender such
  • The territorial divisions in England are called counties not states. Bedfordshire Berkshire Buckinghamshire CambridgeshireCheshire Cornwall Cumberland Derbyshire Devon Dorset Durham Essex Gloucestershire Hampshire Herefordshire Hertfordshire Huntingdonshire Kent Lancashire Leicestershire Lincolnshire London Middlesex Norfolk NorthamptonshireNorthumberland Nottinghamshire OxfordshireRutland ShropshireSomerset Staffordshire Suffolk Surrey Sussex Warwickshire WestmoorlandWiltshire Worcestershire Yorkshire
  • England's economy is the second largest in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. It follows the Anglo-Saxon economic model. England's economy is the largest of the four economies of the United Kingdom, with 100 of Europe's 500 largest corporations based in London. As part of the United Kingdom, England is a major centre of world economics. One of the world's most highly industrialised countries, England is a leader in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors
natural sources
Natural sources
  • Natural resources are things that occur naturally, and that are useful to us. They include fuels such as oil and natural gas, and materials such as iron ore, and timber. Natural resources may be renewable or non-renewable.
  • Renewable resources are those that are replaced in nature at a rate close to their rate of use e.g. plants and animals. Nonrenewable resources exist in fixed amounts or are used up faster than they can be replaced in nature e.g. fossil fuels.
  • England is divided into the hill regions of the north, west, and southwest and the rolling downs and low plains of the east and southeast. Running from east to west on the extreme north Scottish border are the Cheviot Hills. The Pennine Range runs north and south from the Scottish border to Derbyshire in central England. The rest of the countryside consists mainly of rich agricultural lands, occasional moors, and plains. South of the Pennines lie the Midlands (East and West), a plains region with low, rolling hills and fertile