How to disable the trend micro site advisor
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How To Disable The Trend Micro Site Advisor? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you have any problem in disable Trend Micro Site Advisor then you can any time watch this presentation. This presentation is a step towards solving your Norton issues. If you feel any problem during watching this presentation then you can call on Trend Micro Support Number: 61-283206030 or visit our website:

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Trend Micro Site Advisor provides a layer of safety to your computer from the outside threats. The Trend Micro Internet Security Suite is used for the safety and security of your computer’s program. It can be used for business, school or home purpose. This application links with the program suite to provide safety and security while using the internet. Trend Micro customer care number Australia+61-283206030 shares the facts about the application that is compatible with the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. You may have to disable this feature sometimes depending upon the nature of work you are doing in your system.

For all the users who want to disable the Trend Micro Site Advisor feature can easily follow the steps provided by Trend Micro Support Australia. The users who are having any problems while following the procedure can call the direct helpline number. They will provide you immediate assistance with guarantee solutions. They provide solutions to all the issues related to Trend Micro software. You can visit their official website to know more about their range of services.

Step 1
Step 1 Advisor feature can easily follow the steps provided by

In your desktop, double-click on the Trend Micro program icon or in the ‘Start’ menu of your computer, click on Trend Micro icon in the ‘Programs file directory’ to open the ‘Site Advisor Control Panel’.

Step 2
Step 2 Advisor feature can easily follow the steps provided by

In the ‘Security Centre Control Panel’ choose ‘Internet and Network’ from the menu. This option will let you change the settings for ‘Trend Micro Site Advisor’ on your computer.

Step 3
Step 3 Advisor feature can easily follow the steps provided by

Here, change the status of your Trend Micro Site Advisor from ‘Enable’ to ‘Disable’ to turn off the Site Advisor in your computer. After that you will need to choose the ‘Save settings’ menu option to keep the Site Advisor program disabled on your computer.

Step 4
Step 4 Advisor feature can easily follow the steps provided by

Finally, close the ‘Trend Micro control panel’ by clicking the ‘X’ located in the upper right hand corner of the control panel window.

There were few steps to providing you a proper knowledge about disable Trend Micro site advisor. If you have any kind of problem in following these steps then you call on Trend Micro Support Number: +61-283206030.

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