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Interesting Facts About Flies PowerPoint Presentation
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Interesting Facts About Flies

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Interesting Facts About Flies
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Interesting Facts About Flies

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  1. Interesting Facts About Flies

  2. Interesting Facts About Flies If someone was to visit your house and gets flies all over the place, the first thing that hits the guests mind is how dirty you are. They are worst enemies to human beings because they bring hygiene problems that cause diseases to mankind. From time to time when they are in the house they cause discomfort around people and you get people chasing them away manually or with insecticides. Flies are the most populated insects in the world because there exists a variety of 30,000 different species, the most common being the house fly. What is known by everybody is that houseflies do not bite like other flies. Houseflies do not suck blood directly from people, unless it is a wound yet other flies like insect flies do; they also like breeding in dirty places or on food. Here are other interesting facts about flies that you did not know but would be good for you.

  3. Interesting Facts About Flies If houseflies invade your house you do not have to worry about how long they will stay because flies can only live for about 30 days and they die. However they lay up to 3,000 eggs within those 30 days so if it is a female in your house be sure they will not go away that easily because the number of the flies will go up. Unlike other insects that have two pairs of wings, flies have only a pair that, believe it or not, beat up to 200 times per second and the wings stop beating or flying immediately they are on ground.

  4. Interesting Facts About Flies Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to kill a fly by hand, even if you think you will not miss? This is because they are so sensitive to movement. They have two eyes with lenses of over 4,000 per eye. So if you want to kill a fly it is advisable you be very fast in your movement. Another interesting fact about flies is that before they fly they must jump up and move backwards then forward. Though interesting but I bet you did not even know that. Well try being observant and you will see that but only if you are patient enough.

  5. Interesting Facts About Flies Did you know that flies lay eggs on any food and vomit on it first before feasting? So if you get a fly on your food you can be sure you would not want to eat the food again after knowing this. The reason they vomit on food is because flies can only swallow food in liquid form. Their saliva turns the food in liquid form making it easy for it to swallow. Flies can defecate for every 4-5 minutes and they do it anywhere. With that you can be sure that they can even do it on your food or on you. May be a reason why it is easy to get diseases from them. Another reason why it is easy for flies to contaminate food is because of their ability to stick on a surface or place for long. This is enabled by the stickiness of the pads of their feet.

  6. Interesting Facts About Flies Therefore it is important to note that as much as flies do not bite they easily cause diseases by contaminating food. If you eat contaminated food you suffer from diarrhea and other illnesses. Find the newest Fly killer at