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Interesting Facts about Tibet PowerPoint Presentation
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Interesting Facts about Tibet

Interesting Facts about Tibet

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Interesting Facts about Tibet

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  1. Interesting Facts about Tibet Tibet may be a region on the Tibetan highland in Asia, having a mean elevation travel between 14, 000 linear unit to 16,000 ft. UNESCO considers it to be an area of Central Asia, there are unit several organizations that regard it to be an area of South Asia. Tibetans have a definite culture and faith that sets them aside from the remainder of the planet. The world highest Mountain lies on the border of Nepal and Tibet is Mt. Everest, rising 8,848 m (29,029 ft.) on top of sea level. As we have a tendency to all grasp once Tibet was conjointly a freelance kingdom, Tibet is currently primarily occupied and ruled by the People’s Republic of China. Tibet is famous for having Tour and Travels. So, if you are interested in visiting Tibet can find many company which can provide you Tibet tours packages and make comfortable to you to have a Tibet trips. So, here are some of the interesting fact regarding Tibet they're as follows: Tibet is the Buddhism place and Buddhism is the foundation of Tibet culture and their livelihood: In Tibet, Buddhism isn't simply a non-secular belief, it's the way of life. You can see the influence of Buddhism throughout this region. The main faith in Tibet has been Buddhism since it’s extended within the eighth century AD.

  2. According to estimates from the International spiritual Freedom Report of 2012, most of Tibetans (who comprise 91 of the population of the Tibet Autonomous Region) are certain by Buddhism, whereas a minority of 400,000 folks (12.5% of the entire population of the TAR) are absolute to the native Bon or people faiths that share the image of philosopher (Tibetan: Kongtse Trulgyi Gyalpo) with Chinese religion, although during a totally different light.

  3. As we tend to all apprehend Tibet is legendary for its cultures and heritages and it's all culture and heritages belong to Buddhism. So, that's why Tibetan folks living vogue and culture belongs to Buddhism. Before the Fifties, between 10 and 20% of males in Tibet were monks. Tibet's rivers provide fresh water to billions of Asia's people: The Tibetan highland has the third largest store of water and ice within the world. So, in summer times once temperatures rising fourfold quicker than anyplace else in Asia, the Tibetan highland would possibly before long lose most of its ice mass and land and soften into a water then it provides water throughout the Asia. As we have a tendency to all apprehend Tibet is that the sources of the many of Asia’s rivers. Tibet provides the biggest quantity of water as a result of Tibet has several

  4. and wetlands. So, that why it provide fresh water to two billion people of Asia. Within the world concerning 4.47% of Population depends on the flow of fresh water from Tibet.

  5. Tibet has been occupied by China when over 100 countries have achieved independence: The country of Tibet was invaded by China in 1950. Since that time, over 1.2 million Tibetans have died as an instantaneous result of the occupation, over 6,000 monasteries are destroyed, and thousands of Tibetans are jailed and tortured for his or her political or non-secular beliefs. The “Tibet Autonomous Region” (TAR) isn't Tibet, neither is it autonomous. The Chinese government has divided historical Tibet into one “region” and variety of alternative “prefectures” and “counties. “ The TAR encompasses exclusively the central area and a couple of the eastern regions of Tibet. Overflow half Tibet’s original territory has been absorbed into Chinese provinces. “Autonomous” can be an expression for direct management by Beijing. Tibet was freelance. Tibet had a sovereign the government, currency, communicating system, language, laws, and customs. Before 1950, the Tibetan government signed treaties with foreign nations together with United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Mongolia, and Nepal. Whereas the Chinese government claims that Tibet has “always” been a part of China, its invasion of Tibet resembles a similar imperialist aggression that China accuses alternative powers of exhibiting.

  6. Beware of Tibetan Dog: Tibetan Mastiff is the dog which is especially found in Tibet. Tibetan Mastiff is most costly dog within the World. Beware of this dog as a result of it will kill Lion if there are two of them. It is noted among the world. Tibetan Mastiff breed has been derived was familiar across the traditional world by several names.

  7. Bhote Kukur in Nepali as bhote means that somebody from Tibet and kukur means that dog.In Mongolia, it's known as Bankhar. Tibetan Mastiff is one amongst the biggest dogs within the world. Its lifespan is up to 10- 14 years. Tibetan Mastiff will reach heights up to 83cm.Its weight is between 45-72 kilo. Females Tibetan mastiff are additional violent then males. Tibetan Mastiff makes us assume they're lazy and dumb. However, they're truly saving energy for his or her night patrol. Patrolling within the night is their inherent attribute.