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Interesting facts about jeans PowerPoint Presentation
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Interesting facts about jeans

Interesting facts about jeans

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Interesting facts about jeans

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  2. Interesting facts about jeans • Jeans are like our best friends. Whether it is formal occasion or party, we always choose jeans for both. There are some interesting facts about jeans that probably you don’t know.

  3. Small Button near Pockets ? • Many of us think that those small buttons just placed in the jeans to make it more stylish. The real name of these button are “rivets” which has interesting history. The jeans created to wear while doing hard laborious work. There is a common problem that pockets of jeans can easily ripped and this is the reason to invent rivets. It was the idea of tailor named “Jacob Davis” to attach pockets with jeans with help of rivets. Just because Jacob doesn’t have sufficient money to patent the idea. He make a deal with a fabric supplier called “Levi Strauss” for funds. After sometime patent was provided to both of them. These rivets make jeans more durable and robust. • After the decades blue jeansturn out to be the most popular garment.

  4. Small Button near Pockets

  5. Why a small pocket is attached to jeans? • Yes the tiny pocket that we generally use to keep coins or any kind of small stuff. Levi Strauss introduced small pocket for people who keep pocket watch. It was a great idea to keep watch from being damaged.

  6. What is the original name of jeans? • In the old times, people call it “Waist overalls” just “Overalls”. Levi Strauss renamed it. Now we call it jeans.

  7. Orange Thread? • I am sure that you have seen orange thread stitching in jeans but do you know why it was placed? It’s the trade mark of Levi Strauss & Co. It also used to match it with rivets.

  8. Old jeans style types? • In current time, we have a large number of choice for jeans. In the starting, the jeans is launched with only two styles called “Indigo Blue” and “brown cotton”.

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