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Richard Trainer: Operations Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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Richard Trainer: Operations Manager

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Richard Trainer: Operations Manager
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Richard Trainer: Operations Manager

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  1. Build Pavilion in Eight Days

  2. Richard Trainer, 20*20's Business Development Manager is proud to announce the company has completed the building of its Pavilion home in just eight days. 20*20 Pty Ltd. has designed an innovative construction system for building new homes.

  3. Richard James Trainer said: “With a price tag of just $70,000 the Pavilion is an attractive proposition, particularly for first homebuyers seeking to get into the market.”

  4. With the help of its unique and distinctive construction system, the innovative Western Australian building company 20*20 Pty Ltd. finished its new Perth display home, the Pavilion in just eight days. Richard Trainer of Perth said the demand for homes worldwide had never been so high.

  5. The construction of this quality one-bedroom, one-bathroom home was filmed on CCTV, proving that with the help of the 20*20 system, the construction process was completed rapidly and with less skilled labor required.

  6. The system's individual steel wall panels are light and were lifted into place by one or two workers. From the inside, the Pavilion is spacious and open. In order to have effective cross ventilation, it has big casement windows.

  7. There is a walk-in robe and an ensuite with a vanity, shower and dual-access toilet in the double bedroom. To learn more about the 20*20 Easy Build System, please visit

  8. About Richard James Trainer Richard James Trainer currently holds the position of Business Development and Operations Manager at 20*20 PTY Ltd.. Richard Trainer oversees the construction schedule, the allocation of personnel and equipment and the project's budget.

  9. His experience and expertise adds to the company’s success. Richard deals with clients’ on a daily basis and is solely responsible for responding quickly to the changing needs of the clients, no matter how much they alter the size and scope of the project.