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Introductions and Conclusions PowerPoint Presentation
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Introductions and Conclusions

Introductions and Conclusions

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Introductions and Conclusions

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  1. IntroductionsandConclusions

  2. You have learned 4 different methods of grabbing your reader’s attention in the introductionparagraph with an opening statement or hook: Question Quote Interesting Fact Personal Story

  3. There should be a connectionbetween the attention getter and the thesis statement.

  4. Challenges in Life “May the force be with you”was George Lucas’ famous expression for his Jedi Knights in the classic movie, Star Wars. He was more than right when you think about those words in order to face everyday life. Nowadays, life brings us so many challenges that we need all the Jedi’s force to deal with them. Challenges are everywhere and they all come to you at different stages of your life. Taking the College Board Exam, going through a job interview, or simply entering college for the first time are some real challenges in which you, definitely, need the force to be with you. • What kind of attention getter/hook did the write use to capture the reader’s attention? • Notice how the writer connects the opening statement with the thesis statement and even with the title itself.

  5. Also, you have learned 3 partsto a conclusion paragraph. Restate the thesis Summarize your details Clincher

  6. Here are some suggestions for how to make your conclusion paragraph more interesting: Make a prediction about the future Make a suggestion or recommendation Summarize with a final thought

  7. Taking Care of PetsA pet cannot be thrown into the trash when it is no longer wanted or tossed into a closet if it begins to bore its owner. A pet, like us, is a living thing that needs physical care, affection, and respect. Would-be owners, therefore, should think seriously about their responsibilities before they acquire a pet. How does the writer make the conclusion interesting?

  8. Animal CrueltyIf people stopped to think before acquiring pets, there would be fewer instances of cruelty to animals. Many times, it is the people who adopt pets without considering the expenses and responsibility involved who mistreat and neglect their animals. Pets are living creatures. If people continue being negligent and irresponsible with their pets, animal cruelty will exist forever! How does the writer make the conclusion interesting?