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Introductions and Conclusions PowerPoint Presentation
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Introductions and Conclusions

Introductions and Conclusions

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Introductions and Conclusions

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  1. Introductions and Conclusions

  2. Introductions • Strong introduction paragraphs are made up of a few key elements, just like a TBEAR body paragraph. • They are the Hook, the Explanation, the Transition, and the Thesis.

  3. The Hook • The hook is used to grab the audience’s attention from the first sentence. • The hook needs to be tied in with the subject — it can’t just be a startling attention getter that has nothing to do with what you’re writing about! • A hook can ask a question (Have you ever…?), give a statistic (98% of people…), or be illustrative (Imagine you’re running through a dark forest…).

  4. The Hook • Imagine you walk out your door in the morning and find a present, but there’s no card on it. • Did you know that 67% of statistics are made up? • Have you ever felt left out of a group?

  5. The Explanation • The explanation is used to go into more detail about the hook. • Think of it like the background information in a TBEAR paragraph, giving the reader the information and context needed to understand what the rest of the paper is about.

  6. The Transition • The transition connects the explanation to the thesis statement. • The transition is a bridging sentence, one that is best written AFTER you write your thesis. • You write it afterwards so that you have a better idea of how to connect the explanation and thesis!

  7. The Thesis • The thesis is the main idea of your paper, the statement you are going to prove in your body paragraph (or paragraphs). • The thesis is very similar to the topic sentence in your TBEAR paragraph. • In more advanced papers, your thesis will be long, featuring three pieces of information that you will base your three body paragraphs around. (Don’t worry, we’ll get to this much later in the year!)

  8. The Thesis • In the excerpt from Jerry Spinelli’sStargirl, we see the importance of performing kind acts without seeking credit and acknowledgement. • While themes are often left open to interpretation by the reader, James Berry’s purpose in Becky and the Wheels-and-Brake Boys is to show us the importance of staying determined.

  9. Conclusions • The conclusion acts as the final statement of your paper. • Some starting phrases for conclusion paragraphs are: • In conclusion • In the end • Finally • The conclusion should include a summary of the rest of your paper: the main ideas, the evidence, and your analysis.

  10. Your Essay • Your assignment is to take either your TBEAR paragraph for Stargirl or Becky and the Wheels-and-Brake Boys and turn it into a full essay with an introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph. • This essay will need to be double-spaced, in size 12 Times New Roman font, with a proper heading. It will be submitted to Mr. Applebaum as both a Google Doc, and as a printed (paper) copy. • This will be due on October 15th for 1 & 5, and October 16th for 2, 4, & 6.