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Do Now. Monday: This past Monday I was in Boston covering the Boston Marathon. Homework for today. Please check your seeds out and write down your observations. Due Today: Research paper Pull that out now

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do now
Do Now
  • Monday:
  • This past Monday I was in Boston covering the Boston Marathon
homework for today
Homework for today
  • Please check your seeds out and write down your observations.
  • Due Today: Research paper
  • Pull that out now
  • Friday – you are to come to class regardless of whether your parents come for the weekend or for Friday or not.
  • Still missing several from Friday (1st & 2nd paragraphs). I am not chasing you for them
what did you notice
What did you notice?
  • Check out the egg
  • What do you notice? Yes, you can touch it. It only had vinegar on it, but do not wipe on your clothes.
  • Check out the bone (I will come around with it) again do not wipe on your clothes. +
essay due today
Essay due today
  • 3rd Essay FCAs Type 3 (total point value 100 points) Due April 23rd in class
    • Three to five pages with a title page containing FCA’s, Catchy Title & your name (20 points)
    • Conclusion with your personal opinion or outlook of the condition (20 points)
    • Paragraphs 2, 3, & 4 are the supporting points covered in the introductory paragraph (20 points)
    • Minimum of 2 sources properly listed on the Bibliography page & appropriate sources (10 points). Remember, Wikipedia sources will immediately be rejected
    • Essay submitted in class (Due in class Wednesday April 23rd.) (30 points)
  • In Friday’s class you are to sit with your parents and allow them to be students.
  • I will give them material we worked on already and see how well they do.
integumentary system functions
Integumentary system functions
  • Three questions.
  • A bald headed wrestler is worried about making weight. He is about to take a shower before weighing in, but a friend tells him not to because he will absorb the water and actually weigh more. Is he correct?
  • Answer to # 1 - No, the skin does not absorb water
  • What is the largest organ in the body?
  • Answer to # 2 - Your skin
  • Also, what causes roughly 85% of the dust in a home?
  • Answer to # 3 - The skin is the largest organ and it is continually shedding old skins which creates dust (dandruff, dry skin,…)
integumentary system functions1
Integumentary system functions
  • The Integumentary system includes the following:
  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • These continue to grow even after the person has died.
  • These parts of the Integumentary System have many functions.
  • They serve as a barrier to prevent infection, keep one warm (think about getting a short hair cut), produces vitamin D, and collects information for the brain to analyze and react (the skin will sense the heat or cold).