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Cold War/Post War Conflict PowerPoint Presentation
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Cold War/Post War Conflict

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Cold War/Post War Conflict
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Cold War/Post War Conflict

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  1. Cold War/Post War Conflict

  2. Korean War (1950-53) • After the Soviet Union and the United States left North and South Korea, North Korea invades South Korea. • North Korea is communist and is spreading their communist ideals to the South by conquering it. • UN passes resolution very quickly to help the South defend themselves. Russia would have vetoed this but they were boycotting the UN for not recognizing communist China. • 26,000 Canadians are sent • Americans push North Korea back past the 38thparralleland divide the country at the 38thparrallel to separate North and South again.

  3. Suez Crisis • Egypt led by a colonel named Nasser, asks the allies if he can buy arms from them. They say NO. • U.S and Britain withdraw funding for a loan they were giving Nasser to build a dam across the Nile. • Nasser is mad! He seizes the Suez Canal which is occupied by Anglo-French troops. • British and French retake the canal with Israel and the United States decides to step in. • The U.S tells Britain and France to get out of the Suez Canal and step back from the conflict. Send in UN Peacekeepers till all withdraw. THEY DO. LEAVE DISGRACED.

  4. The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) • The United States attacks Cuba as they have recently changed rulers, from BATISTA, who allowed foreign investment and influence to CASTRO who hated foreign influence. • BAY OF PIGS: Kennedy sends troops into Cuba and they fail miserably. Cuba figures they need more military help. • Accept help from the Soviet Union. Start to become communist. Place Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba. FLORIDA in striking distance. • NUCLEAR STANDOFF. Kennedy chooses to negotiate and Soviets withdraw their missiles. • Canada stays out of the conflict and decides not to have nuclear weapons. (Diefenbaker)

  5. The War in Vietnam (1954-75) • North Vietnam invades the South of Vietnam. • The North is Communist and the South is backed by the Americans. • The War in Vietnam was guerilla warfare in the jungles and the U.S lost 60,000 men. • Vietnam and neighboring countries lost about 2 million in total. • Americans ended up pulling out of Vietnam and nothing was improved. • Canadians do not support this war-it was not UN backed. • Canada welcomes draft dodgers.

  6. Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan (1979) Soviets moved military forces and equipment into Afghanistan and installed a dictator of their own. Were looking for Persian Gulf Oil and also to spread communist ideals. Afghan rebels controlled most of the country and fight back against the Soviet-Afghan troops. Canada had been sending aid and food but severed diplomatic ties with Afghanistan. There was a high death toll of Afghan civillians and a large refugee problem. Soviets withdraw in 1988 (called the Soviet Vietnam War)

  7. POST WAR CONFLICTS: Gulf War Iraq under Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait (1990) Americans step in (OPERATION DESERT STORM) and attempt to stop the Iraqi forces from invading. Iraq declares Kuwait the 19th state of Iraq. Run the Kuwait forces out. Many flee. Canada sends ships and fighter planes to help the Americans. Allied forces liberate Kuwait and Iraq is pushed back.

  8. Yugoslavia (1992) Civil war between Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia (small republics of Yugoslavia) Ethnic war based on culture and hatred. UN Peacekeepers are sent to stop the “aggressors” which are seen to be the Serbians. Canadian soldiers are attacked by the Croatians. Eventually a ceasefire is signed. Canadians fought and reoccupied the cease fire zone. Canadians participated in the bombing of Yugoslavia. (HIGHLY DEBATED IN CANADA. Worst battle involving the Canadians since Korean War.

  9. Civil War in Kosovo (1995) Civil war rages in Kosovo between the Yugoslavian army and Kosovo-Albanian rebels. Ethnic, racial war. All members of NATO including Canada participate in bombing campaign. UN does not support the bombing. Yugoslavian forces leave when the Peacekeepers arrive.

  10. Somalia (1992) Canadian peacekeepers are sent to aid Somalia who has been suffering through a civil war and famine. Clan based armed opposition groups threw the government out of power. Somalia terrorized by these thugs. Canadian reputation is damaged when Canadians shot Somali intruders and a young boy was beaten/tortured to death by Canadian soldiers. Operation Restore Hope: to establish a government in Somalia and stop the war and famine. Are not successful and the civil war continues today. Gangs fight the government that was set up.

  11. Cold War/Post-Cold War Conflict Map KOREA: S. Korea, N. Korea SUEZ: Egypt, Israel CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS: Cuba VIETNAM: N, S Vietnam Afghanistan: Afghanistan Yugoslavia: Shade the area and list the republics involved KOSOVO: Kosovo SOMALIA: Somalia Rwanda: Rwanda