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The European Union:. Concept began with Winston Churchill after WWII 1992 – Officially began 2000 – Euro € became official currency of the EU Today there are 27 countries in the EU. The United Kingdom. Nations Included: England, Wales,

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The european union
The European Union:

  • Concept began with Winston Churchill after WWII

  • 1992 – Officially began

  • 2000 – Euro € became official currency of the EU

  • Today there are 27 countries in the EU

The united kingdom

The United Kingdom

Nations Included: England, Wales,

Scotland & No. Ireland

Capital london urban area population of 9 8 million population of uk 60 9m
Capital: Kingdom London (Urban area population of 9.8 million ) Population of UK: 60.9m

Great Britain (Britain) is made up of England, Scotland and Wales, whereas the UK is Britain as well as Northern Ireland.

Money british pound 1 1 66
Money: Kingdom British Pound 1 = $1.66

  • Member of the E.U. but do NOT use the Euro

Government constitutional monarchy queen elizabeth ii is figure head leader
Government: KingdomConstitutional Monarchy- Queen Elizabeth II is Figure-Head leader


Has 2 houses: Kingdom

House of Lords

House of Commons


LEADER: Kingdom

  • David Cameron – Prime Minister

    Elected 2010


Church of England Kingdom



Other Christian


Muslim &



Climate mostly marine west coast
Climate Kingdom: Mostly Marine West Coast


-English w/ many





-Many other foreign languages

Natural resources
Natural Resources: Kingdom

  • Coal, oil, natural gas

  • Tin, limestone

  • Iron ore, salt

  • Potatoes, fish

Flag of the united kingdom

Cross of Kingdom

St. Charles


Cross of

St. Andrews


Cross of

St. Patrick (Irish)

Flag of the United Kingdom:

Stonehenge located south of london on a large plain

A large circle of huge stones Kingdom

Built in 3 stages b/t 3000-1000 BC

Temple for Druids? Sun dial? Calendar stone?

Don’t know the actual reason!

Stonehenge: located south of London on a large plain

Stratford upon avon birthplace of william shakespeare

Royal Shakespearian Theatre built here in 1952 Kingdom

Stratford upon Avon: Birthplace of William Shakespeare

Wm shakespeare 1565 1616

Considered the greatest dramatist in the world Kingdom

Wrote 37 plays

154 sonnets

Other poems

Wm. Shakespeare: 1565-1616

Thatched roofs cottages in stratford are built with thatched roofs from local grass

Anne Hathaway’s Home - Shakespeare’s wife Kingdom

Thatched Roofs: Cottages in Stratford are built with thatched roofs from local grass


A series of military campaigns to regain Jerusalem from the Islamic people

Took place b/t 1095-1291

Basically a failure that caused long lasting hatred and shattered lives


Oxford university

Oldest institution of higher learning in the English-speaking world

1st classes began in 1117

Located north of London

Oxford University:

Buckingham palace

Official residence of the British kings and queens English-speaking world

600 rooms filled

with beautiful art

Home of QEII

Buckingham Palace

Changing of the guard at buckingham palace
Changing of the guard at English-speaking worldBuckingham Palace

Big ben

Named after Sir Benjamin Hall in 1859 English-speaking world

Ben is the bell not the tower

Bell is 13.5 tons

Can be heard all over London

Located by Parliament on Thames River

Big Ben:

Trafalgar square

Located in central London English-speaking world

Celebrates the British naval commander, Sir. Horatio Nelson – He defeated Napolean.

Trafalgar Square

Cleopatra s needle

Obelisk taken to London from Egypt by the Romans English-speaking world

Located along the Thames River bank

Once belonged to Cleopatra

Cleopatra’s Needle

St paul s cathedral

Once a Catholic Church English-speaking world

but changed by Henry VIII

Now Church of England

Plagued by

numerous fires


Paintings, etc

Princess Diana was married here to Prince Charles

St. Paul’s Cathedral:

Tower bridge

Located over Thames River in London English-speaking world

Tower Bridge:

Windsor castle

Royal Palace English-speaking world

Located 22 mi south of London

Overlooks the Thames River

“Keep” or round part is most likely where the knights of the round table met during King Arthur’s time (Camelot)

Windsor Castle:

Tower of london

Located on the north bank of the Thames River English-speaking world

Built 1078

Once royal


Later a prison

Today it is where

the crown jewels

are kept

Tower of London:

Westminster cathedral

Most famous of all England’s churches English-speaking world

Built in 1245

Style is French Gothic

Where Princess Diana’s funeral was held

Westminster Cathedral


Soccer English-speaking world





32 mile long tunnel b/t England and France English-speaking world

3 tubes (tunnels) 2 for trains going each direction and 1 for service

Takes about 35 minutes to go under the ocean floor!