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  1. Clothing The Indians wore many different clothes, but the Navajo would suit themselves in  many different types animal skin. Usually the men wore breech cloths made of rabbit or deer skin. The girls or women wore skirts made of woven yucca fiber. Also they would put on ponchos and cloaks of rabbit fur when the weather was cold. The women and men would often outfit themselves with turquoise jewelry. When they had shoes they costumed themselves with moccasins. After sheep were introduced they would slip on poncho style shirts and wool. The Navajo would wear shoes made out of animal skin The Navajo women would wear, not buffalo hides , but rabbit and deer hide.

  2. Tradition/Honor Nature All Indians have traditions, but the Navajo have unique traditions that have been passed down. Through many generations one of the Navajo legends is a way of thinking or acting. Also educators taught weaving and other creative crafts in their schools. Healers used a traditional methods to help the sick get better. They believe that wisdom  of the Navajo past would help them meet the challenges of the future. The Navajo  thought that the world was alive and they should treat it with respect. Their goal was to keep the world around them in perfect order. The Navajo world for this perfect order is called the hozoh . One of the other traditions is to weave blankets and rugs The Navajo would make turquoise jewelry.

  3. Weapons/Relationships All Indians had weapons, but the Navajo weapons were the best. Also the Navajo had a good relationship with other tribes. The Navajo used a bow and arrow as one of their weapons. During the war they used spears or they launched their bow and arrow. They found sticks and attached them to a rock with deer skin to hit people with. They used knives to spear open or kill an animal. The Navajo was once a part of the Apache tribe. Then the Navajo split up and the Apache walked their separate ways to start a new tribe. The Indians would use a bow and arrow to kill animals The Navajo would use spears to throw at animals

  4. Interesting Information The Navajo people’s interesting facts tell about their way of life. They called themselves the Dine or “ The people.”  The Navajo were Nomads, moving around from place to place to find food. The Navajo called the fourth world, the Dinetah. The Dinetah is the glittering world, also known as the Navajo land. The Navajo mothers would carry their babies in a cradle board to keep them nearby. The Navajo obtained sheep in the 1500s from the Spanish. The sheep were an important part of their lives because their wool helped the Indians make rugs and the meat was used for food. The Navajo’s favorite trading partners were the Pueblo tribes, but they also fought against each other in wars.  All Navajo Indians believed that turquoise was part of the sky. Sometimes the Navajo would steel or spy on other tribes to get what they needed. The Navajo would make beautiful rugs of either yucca or sheep wool The Navajo would wear ceremonial masks when then they were celebrating.

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