b2b strategies and implementation l.
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B2B Strategies and Implementation

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B2B Strategies and Implementation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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B2B Strategies and Implementation . Developing a B- Web INBS 510 B2B Module. References. Tapscott, Ticoll, Lowy. Digital Capital: Harnessing the Power of the Business Webs . Harvard Business School Press. 2000. Fingar, Kumar, Sharma. Enterprise E-Commerce . Meghan-Kiffer Press.2000

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b2b strategies and implementation

B2B Strategies and Implementation

Developing a B- Web

INBS 510

B2B Module

  • Tapscott, Ticoll, Lowy. Digital Capital: Harnessing the Power of the Business Webs. Harvard Business School Press. 2000.
  • Fingar, Kumar, Sharma. Enterprise E-Commerce. Meghan-Kiffer Press.2000
  • Turban, Lee, King, Chung. Electronic Commerce. Prentice Hall, 2002
  • Siegel, 2000.
shared vision inter enterprise
Shared Vision Inter-enterprise
  • Clear vision
    • Common direction, focus
    • Personal, team, organization
    • Motivate learning
  • Peter Senge’s “5th discipline”
    • General systems learning
    • Big picture view
    • If it ain’t broke, break it
    • Ask questions
  • Peter Drucker-” a knowledgeable worker is the greatest single asset”
  • Hyperarchy versus hierarchy
the questions to ask
The Questions to ask
  • What can we do now that we couldn’t do before the net?
  • Who is the current and future e-commerce customer?
  • What can and should we outsource?
  • How can we add value to our present and future customers?
  • How do we design a value chain?
  • Should we cannibalize our present business?
  • How should we reintermediate?
more questions
More Questions
  • What roles should we play: standalone web site, aggregator, Open Market, supply chain portal?
  • What competitive threats do we face?
  • What is the readiness of our trading partners?
  • How do our pricing policies change?
  • How do we create or play a leading role in communities-of interest?
and more still
And more still….
  • Should we create niche portals that may host our competitors?
  • What organizational and ownership forms should we create?
  • What are the people and technology requirements of the new architecture?
  • How do we bring more buyers together electronically and keep them there?
now analze the gap
Now analze the gap…
  • Answers derived from 2 perspectives
    • Could be
    • As is
    • Analyze the “gap”
  • Eureka!!
    • Gap revealed
    • People, processes and technology to implement
    • A strategic plan emerges
the strategic plan
The Strategic Plan
  • Conduct necessary education and training
  • Review current distribution and supply chain models
    • Speed up, shrink, or virtualize the value chain
    • Wholesalers, distributors, retailers? Are they disintermediated?
  • Understand the expectations of your customers and partners
the strategic plan9
The Strategic Plan

4. Reevaluate your products and services

5. HR demands new role

  • New policies
  • New jobs

6. Extend your current systems to the outside

  • Online links
  • Backend links- extranets

7.track competitors and market shares

the strategic plan10
The Strategic Plan

8. Develop a Web-Centric Marketing Strategy

9. Participate in the creation and Development of Virtual Marketplaces

10. EB Management Style

Mougayar, Opening Digital Markets. New York: McGraw Hill, 1998

new roles and responsibilities
New Roles and Responsibilities
  • E-business program manager
    • Bridge tech and business divide
  • Enterprise architect
    • Chief architect and coordinate work info, infrastructure and application architects
    • Design
  • Business and Information Architects
    • Create a application neutral models
more roles
More roles…
  • Infrastructure architects
    • Identify technical infrastructure
  • Application architects
    • They guide solutions development in blending the business models with the infrastructure services needed to implement them in a platform
  • Solution developers
    • Assemble business solutions from components
    • Use integrated development Environments
    • Configure the ERP
    • Ranks of object oriented developers
and more still13
And more still…
  • Component developers
    • Masters of component technology
    • Progamming in Java, C++
    • Modeling in UML and XMI
    • Platforms- Cobra, DCOM and EJB
  • Human Factor Engineers
    • GUI
    • Extremely important – more than ever before
    • HCI- Human Computer Interaction
    • Read Donald Norman’s Design of Everyday Things
    • www.uie.com
cooperative strategies
Cooperative Strategies
  • Joint venture- cooperative activity formed by separate organizations- preserving autonomy
    • Combine different strengths to achieve value
    • Virtual corporation
  • Value chain partnership
    • Long term arrangement- mutual advantage
    • FedEx as mentioned previously does this with many
web corporations
Web Corporations
  • The confluence of widespread Internet use, emerging standards, and the economic crunch may hasten the advent of the Web corporation, also known as the virtual corporation.
  • A Web corporation "is composed of temporary collaborating partnerships for the purpose of creating one particular product or service," according to IDC Analyst Gisela Wilson.
  • IDC- article related to Web Corporations
who are the business webs http www digital4sight com aboutus php
Who are the Business-Webs?http://www.digital4sight.com/aboutus.php
  • Where “Corporation” embodied capital in the industrial age
  • B-web does the same in the digital economy
  • “interconnected, fluid sets of contributors coming together to create value for customers and wealth for shareholders”
  • “each participant focuses on a limited set of core competencies” inventing new value propositions
  • A system of … that use the Internet for primary communications and transactions
so who are they
So who are they?
  • MP3
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Amazon
  • Travelocity
  • Etc
features of b webs
Internet is infrastructure

Value proposition innovation i.e. MP3

Multi-enterprise capability --machine- partnering

4. 5 classes of participants

Customers- receive and contribute

Context providers- interface

Content providers- forms of value

Commerce service providers- enable flow

Infrastructure providers-deliver

Features of B-Webs
more features of b webs
5. Coopetition- cooperate and compete

6. Customer-centricity- customer value

Context reigns- choreographs

Rules and standards

Bathed in knowledge

There are corollaries

Uncharted territory

Potential for high returns

Customers have more power than ever before

Disaggregation leads to “disintermediation” and “reintermediation”

B-web is a revolution not a tea party

More features of B-Webs
five types of b webs

Theme- Dynamic pricing

Value-Liquidity: converting goods into a desirable price

Customer is a market player

Timing and market intelligence







Theme- selection and convenience

Value-optimization of selection, organization, price, convenience

Customer is the buyer

Know market segments, supplier offerings and fulfillment factors






Five Types of B-Webs
b web types
Value Chain

Process integration theme

Value- to design and deliver an integrated process or service

The customer is the value driver

Innovation and supply chain management are key







Theme is creativity

Goal shared across a community of contributors

The customer is a contributor

Focus on community., creativity and standards and roles






B-web types
one more b web type
Distributive Network

Theme is allocation and distribution

Value is to facilitate the exchange and delivery of information, goods and services

Customer is sender/recipient

Focus is network optimization


AT&T- all telcoms


Well Fargo


One more b-web type