applied remote viewing arv4fun and investing wagering webinar workshop january 22 2010 n.
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Applied Remote Viewing: ARV4fun and Investing/Wagering Webinar/Workshop January 22, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Applied Remote Viewing: ARV4fun and Investing/Wagering Webinar/Workshop January 22, 2010

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Applied Remote Viewing: ARV4fun and Investing/Wagering Webinar/Workshop January 22, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Applied Remote Viewing: ARV4fun and Investing/Wagering Webinar/Workshop January 22, 2010. Marty Rosenblatt Physics-Intuition-Applications Corp Panelists Tom Atwater Teresa Fendley. Overview for Next 90 Minutes.

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Applied Remote Viewing: ARV4fun and Investing/Wagering Webinar/Workshop January 22, 2010

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applied remote viewing arv4fun and investing wagering webinar workshop january 22 2010

Applied Remote Viewing:ARV4fun and Investing/WageringWebinar/Workshop January 22, 2010

Marty Rosenblatt

Physics-Intuition-Applications Corp


Tom Atwater

Teresa Fendley

overview for next 90 minutes
Overview for Next 90 Minutes
  • Introduction: Consciousness, Time and ARV. Mindset for “Learn By Doing”
  • PRECOG10 Horserace Prediction
  • Watch Race
  • Do/Discuss FeedBack Sessions of the Outcome
  • Closing Remarks
quantum mind 2003 conference
SUMMARY: Could quantum information be the key to understanding consciousness?

…recent experimental evidence suggests quantum non-locality occurs in conscious and subconscious brain functions …

Quantum Mind 2003 Conference

Dr. Jessica Utts, Division of Statistics, at the University of California, Davis, wrote a paper entitled, An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning (1996). In her abstract she says,

  • "Precognition, in which the answer is known to no one until a future time, appears to work quite well."
precog begins with the future event feedback
Precog “Begins” with the Future EventFEEDBACK

Event Outcome and Associated FeedBack

jump forward in time for info



Future Event

Present-Time Conscious Event (moments)



oh yes, backwards in time

entanglement of events feedback session viewing session
Entanglement of Events- Feedback Session - Viewing Session

jump forward in time for info

Future Event

Present-Time Conscious Event (moments)

oh yes, backwards in time

alice in wonderland
Alice in Wonderland

'It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards,' the Queen remarked.

associative remote viewing arv in a nutshell
Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) in a “Nutshell”

Associations are made between Future Outcomes and Photos

FB Session (photosite)

Actual Outcome

Remote Viewing Session

RV Session

FeedBack Session


RV Transcripts and FeedBack PhotoSites

Describe and Sketch the PhotoSite You Will See.





analysis judging ajing is not

CR = 5

Analysis/Judging (AJing) is Not:

Transcript is AJed

Vs. Possible Choices

binary arv precog
  • 2, and only 2, possible Outcomes
    • Yes/No
    • Team A Wins/Not Wins (Loses or Tie)
    • Up/Not Up (Down or same)
    • Game Points Over/Under (Under is Not Over)
    • Etc.


What if I want to predict more than 2 Outcomes?

let s predict the outcome of a horse race
Let’s Predict the Outcome of a Horse Race!
  • Task: Describe and Sketch Your FeedBack PhotoSite (you will see it at approx 8:10pm EST)
  • PRECOG10 is our online tool
    • Logon at
    • Get your coordinate from PRECOG10 and write it on your blank transcript with name/date/time
    • Set your intention
    • Cool Down (quiet the analytical mind – be in receptive mode, witness)
    • Do RV Session: do it, don’t think about it.
    • Back in 10 minutes to do AJ Session


Get this page by clicking on Analyst/Judge Page, and then entering your coordinate

Random Relationship Between Outcomes A thru J and photo choices 1 thru 10

ajing of loraine s 580660 transcript
AJing of Loraine’s 580660 Transcript

Confidence Rankings (CR)

Loraine submitted  4.5  2  1   3.5  2  5.5  1  2  1Mick suggested         5    2   2   2.5  2  6    1  2  1Teresa suggested      5    1   1   0     2  2    0  1  0 

ajing for a prediction and uploading transcripts
AJing for a Prediction, and Uploading Transcripts
  • Analysis/Judging starts at usual place:
  • Link for uploading is at our PRECOG10 Google Group
  • Then click “files” at the right
  • Some have already been uploaded by members, so let’s take a look at examples, and you can AJ your transcript.
wagering approaches based on multiple arv predictions
Wagering Approaches Based onMultiple ARV Predictions

Photo Choice #

For this race, it was no “coincidence”…I’m Bulletproof won.

feedback photo site is emailed
FeedBack Photo-Site is Emailed

AJer can submit comments to viewer. These appear below.

do your feedback session
Do Your FeedBack Session
  • Be happy, very happy, if you have a Hit, and learn something.
  • Learn something if you have a Miss, and become happy as well. 
  • Begin developing your own FB Session style
  • Next time you do your RV session, you will know that you have paved the way with your FB Session!
prediction begins with the feedback session
Prediction “begins” with the FeedBack Session
  • Intend and Expect to Communicate:
    • Backwards, in linear time, to your RV session.
    • Forwards, in linear time, to your ever-improving ARV self.
  • Intuitively sense the “Consciousness Fundamentals” of your Photosite and Transcript – grok them (Def: To understand-know profoundly through intuition or empathy.)
  • Entangle the RV and FB Sessions as Strongly as Possible using intuition, emotions and action.
  • The intellect is around -- teach it something about your consciousness.
  • Predicting the wrong Outcome with an exceptionally good match to your RV Transcript
  • It is a Miss – It may feel like a failure
  • Success and failure.  We think of them as opposites, but they're really not.  They're companions - the hero and the sidekick.
    • Laurence Shames
you completed an arv prediction
You completed an ARV Prediction
  • Congratulations!
  • Questions, comments, etc.
actions speak louder than words
Actions Speak Louder than Words
  • The ARV Journey is where Physical Reality and Non-Physical Reality Join Together
  • Feel Confident and Enjoy Your ARV Journey
success and confidence
Success and Confidence
  • I couldn't wait for success... so I went ahead without it.
    • Jonathan Winters


at ARVing and Wagering

create your expert arv self your arv journey
Create Your Expert ARV-SelfYour ARV Journey
  • You do have sub-selves or sub-personalities within you.
  • The creation process is a combination of intention/motivation, emotions/feelings, thoughts, expectations, attention and actions in a harmonious effortful fashion.
  • The meaning of effortful is taken from a Scientific American article, “Secrets of the Expert Mind":

 ... what matters is not experience per se but "effortful study," which entails continually tackling challenges that lie just beyond one's competence.

    ... Even the novice engages in effortful study at first…  In contrast, experts-in-training keep the lid of their mind's box open all the time…  Thus, motivation appears to be a more important factor than innate ability in the development of expertise.

captain of my ship master of my soul skip atwater
Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul – Skip Atwater
  • Remote viewing is like stopping to smell the flowers, drinking a goblet of fine vintage wine, or making love. Through experience, we become who we are. Through remote viewing, we realize (make real) the true nature of ourselves as sentient beings.