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NTSFL Coach Education Coaching 8 – 10 year olds

NTSFL Coach Education Coaching 8 – 10 year olds. Nenagh Arena 11 th February 2012. Contents of Presentation. Planning a session Training Session blocks Best practice Benefits of Small Sided Games NTSFL Philosophy and Playing style Coach Education 2012 FAI Coaches Association Website.

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NTSFL Coach Education Coaching 8 – 10 year olds

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  1. NTSFL Coach EducationCoaching 8 – 10 year olds Nenagh Arena 11th February 2012

  2. Contents of Presentation • Planning a session • Training Session blocks • Best practice • Benefits of Small Sided Games • NTSFL Philosophy and Playing style • Coach Education 2012 • FAI Coaches Association Website

  3. Planning a Session

  4. Developing a session plan • Duration & starting time of the session? • How many players? • Age, skill level and experience of the players? • What facilities and equipment is available? • How many assistant coaches? • What outside influences may effect my sessions? • How many sessions per week?

  5. Training Session Structure 1 hour Session • Warm up – 10 mins • Technical practice – 10 mins • Functional Practice – 15 mins • Small Sided Game – 25 mins “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect”

  6. Warm Up’s • Multi directional • Dynamic movement and stretching • Slow to Fast • Use the ball as soon as possible • Follow theme of session – Dribbling

  7. Technical Practices • Theme – Passing, dribbling, shooting • Repetition, Repetition, Repetition • Coaching Points – How to pass...steps • No opposition – work on technique • Players can find this boring – Make it FUN!  • Players have to practice outside sessions!!!!! 10,000 HOURS (bounce book)

  8. Functional Practices • Directional – Attacking and Defending • Taken from the game – Match realistic • Opposed....Technique V Skill • Play until ball is out of play (Transitions)

  9. Three Main Moments We have the ball Opponent has the ball Transition – exchange of the ball

  10. Possession of the Ball • Build up to create chances • Scoring goals • Make playing area as large as possible (width and depth) • Think deep and play deep whenever possible • Maintain ball possession • Use the width to spread the defense

  11. Possession of the Ball by the Opponent • Disturb the build up • Recover the ball quickly • Prevent any goals and goals scoring chances • Shrink the playing area • Pressure opponent with ball • Tight marking around ball • Cover away from ball • Everybody be useful

  12. Transition Phase From possession of the ball to loss of the ball • Act quickly – player nearest the ball prevent a direct long pass • All players participate in the active defense • Press on the ball or fall back and defend From loss of the ball to the possession of the ball • Look to play deep first • Players furthest from the ball, ask for the ball • Stay onside • Support the ball and go to goal

  13. 5 v 2 15 x 10

  14. Organisation of a Session

  15. Your Plan Players Footballs & Ball nets Bibs (different colours) Cones Whistle & Watch Pump with Valves Poles Ladders Hurdles First Aid Kit Goalpost – Safety Water Bottles Mobile Phone Emergency Phone Numbers Equipment

  16. BBC’s

  17. Training session blocks

  18. Training session blocks • One theme – Dribbling • Structure session keeping to this theme • Progression each week • Player’s kept focused rather than working on many techniques/practices • Homework • See CD – 2 Examples

  19. Best Practice

  20. Don’t Forget

  21. Please Refrain form this!!

  22. Benefits of SSG’s

  23. The Manchester United 4 v 4 Pilot Scheme Source: “FA Insight”, Based upon study performed by the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

  24. 4 v 4 Program • Scheme format • Goalkeepers game: 4v4 plus two Goalkeepers • Two goal game: 4v4 with four large cones as goals • Four goal game: 4v4 with eight large cones as goals • Line Ball: 4v4 with dotted line as a scoring line • Scheme Construct • Game Duration: 8 minutes/station, 2 min break (Exercise-to-rest ratio increases energy and mental awareness) • Scoring/Goals: No score is kept (Emphasis on development, de-emphasis of winning) • Coaching: Very little overt coaching (Encouragement only. No raised voices and no disciplining)

  25. The Analysis • Quantitative game analysis • Number of Passes • Scoring Attempts • Goals • 1v1 Encounters • Dribbling Skills (Tricks) • Qualitative data on perceptions • Survey Data

  26. Quantitative Analysis* *Numbers listed are “Mean” scores

  27. Quantitative Summary On Average 4v4 versus 8v8 had: • 135% more passes • 260% more Scoring Attempts • 500% more Goals Scored • 225% more 1v1 Encounters • 280% more Dribbling Skills (tricks)

  28. Qualitative Analysis • Interviews with: • Club Directors and Assistant Directors • Club Coaches • Other observers: • National Football Administrators • Other coaches • Physiotherapists • Sport Scientists • Parents • Players

  29. Qualitative Summary Club Directors/Coaches/Administrators: • 80% positive comments Other Observers: • 97% positive comments Parents: • 68% positive comments Players: • 75% positive comments

  30. Top 8 Positive Comments

  31. Top 6 Negative Comments

  32. Scheme Set-up 4v4 GK Game Goals: 6’ x 18’ Pitch: 35yds x 25 yds 4v4 Game Goals: 3’ or 4’ x 10 Pitch: 30yds x 25 yds 4v4 Four Goal Game Pitch: 25yds x 25yds Line Ball Pitch: 25yds x 20yds

  33. NTSFL Playing style & Philosophy

  34. NTSFL Playing Style & Philosophy More Barcelona Less Bolton

  35. ON THE FIELD • 1-4-3-3 • All players of a high technical ability (Both Feet) • How do we want to play? Possession, passing game • Attacking – Build up play from the back, Always look forward, play football at every opportunity • In possession- first look to play forward…second look to play sideways…third look to play backwards • Defending – make play predictable, press, win the ball back • Key 4 seconds after we lose the ball, Win the ball • Concentration • Good attitude, work rate, respect.

  36. OFF THE FIELD • Preparation - Food, Drink, Rest • Hello, Goodbye and Thanks • Behaviour, manners, courtesy, Respect • Timekeeping • Group Mixing • Homework, self practice • Player appearance – Kit, Boots, Jewellery • Player Meetings – short and to the point • FUN FACTOR!

  37. Fun Factor!!! 

  38. Why Coaching is important • England – 10 hours • Spain – 12 hours • Holland – 14 Hours • Belgium – 20 hours • NTSFL – 1/2 hours “The harder I train the luckier I get” “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety – nine percent perspiration”

  39. Membership Benefits • Full access to members' area of the FAI Coaches Association website. • Printable Session plans prepared by FAI staff - including international team coaches - covering all aspects of the game (with more added every week) • Informative articles, interviews and videos to help broaden your coaching knowledge. • One year’s subscription to Academy Soccer Coaches Session planning software including one interactive session planner. This allows you to create and save your own Coaching Session plans, add them to a Session Planner template and print out to take with you to your coaching sessions. (Purchased separately this retails at just under €30). This software is used by Chelsea, West Ham, Spurs, Fulham and the PFA amongst others. • Priority access to purchase Season tickets. • Inclusion in a free members only draw for 10 pairs of Premium tickets for each senior international home game at the Aviva Stadium. • In addition The FAICA website will also have section where members seeking coaching positions can advertise their availability and clubs / leagues can advertise coaching positions they want to fill

  40. Dedicated Coaching Website

  41. Dedicated Coaching Website

  42. Session Planning Software Create your own Sessions Plans

  43. Printable Session Plans

  44. Join now by logging on to www.fai.ie/coaching (Annual Membership €44.99)

  45. Coach Education 2012Better Coaches = Better Players

  46. Coach Education 2012 Kick Start 1 26th February – Nenagh AFC 1st September – Ardcroney FC Kick Start 2 10th/11th March – Two Mile Borris FC 8th/9th September – Nenagh AFC Small Sided Games Workshop 10th November – Nenagh AFC Strength & Conditioning workshop

  47. Coach Education 2012 Strength & Conditioning workshop 10th November – Nenagh AFC Goalkeeping Introductory 22nd April – Nenagh AFC Youth Cert 30th March, 1st/2nd April (Weekend 1) 27th/28th/29th April (Weekend 2) 27th May (Assessment)

  48. Every Club should have.... • Session Plans • DVD’s - U11 Coaching Programme (2 DVD’s) - Success in Soccer Coaching 6 – 8 year olds - Ajax Academy 7 – 12 year olds • CD • Session Plans • 2 x 6 week session block (NTSFL Futsal Academy) • Coach Information library • Presentation

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