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Solutions Overview

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Solutions Overview
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Solutions Overview

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  1. Human Resources optimized by ProcessFlows HR+ Solutions Overview

  2. Agenda • “Setting the scene” • How can HR+ help? • A sample HR process • Summary

  3. Setting the Scene

  4. The Basics • Human Resources is a very paper-based department • Significant security requirements • Varied documents both functionally and in format • Many legal implications about storage and retention of documents

  5. Key Challenges • Hire the best people • Retain valued employees • Support compliance initiatives • Reduce costs, do more with less • Develop the next generation of leaders • Improve linkage between pay and performance

  6. “ On average, 50% of a HR department’s time is spent processing employee information and answering questions ” Forrester Research

  7. The Solution ProcessFlows solutions for HR enable organisations to capitalise on methods that eliminate unnecessary costs and add value: • Automate HR Processes • Provide immediate access to key documents to employees • Dramatically reduce paper in HR • Control secure access to documents to the right people • Manage documents to conform to compliance needs

  8. HR+ Powered BY ONBASE Designed to Integrate with and Complement existing HR and Payroll solutions… (not replace them!!!)

  9. SAP Oracle PeopleSoft JD Edwards Lawson SYSPRO Microsoft Dynamics GP NETSUITE ADP Enterprise systems… Older legacy systems… Home grown systems… Outsourced services…

  10. The problem is that… • These systems just house data

  11. But what about the paper!?

  12. Application for Employment CV Cover Letter References Assessment Scores Interview Results Offer Letter Employment Contract Non-Disclosure Emergency Contact Form Employee Reviews E-mail Communications And more…

  13. “ The average employee file has over 50 different documents ”

  14. Separation Employee Induction Offer or Reject Interview Process Application

  15. The Whole Picture documents data HR System HRIS HR+ Powered BY ONBASE

  16. How can ProcessFlows HR+ help?

  17. Capture Manage Deliver Integrate Administrate HR+ Powered BY ONBASE

  18. Capture Manage Deliver Integrate Administrate HR+ Powered BY ONBASE

  19. inbound faxes Desktop Scanning email system reports/forms print to “tiff” HR+ Multi-function Devices Powered by ONBASE electronic documents web services Remote Scanning file import automation

  20. Email

  21. Import e-mail and attachments from Outlook to OnBase • Retrieve documents from OnBase in Outlook • Launch Workflow directly via the Outlook interface • Automatic document type and keyword assignment • Store e-mail in a variety of formats • Store attachments in native format • Message handling options

  22. Integration for Microsoft Outlook 2007

  23. Import email message

  24. Attach from OnBase

  25. Workflow in Outlook

  26. Workflow tasks from message

  27. Microsoft Office

  28. Office Integration

  29. Capture Manage Deliver Integrate Administrate HR+ Powered BY ONBASE

  30. Compliance, Confidentiality and Security

  31. Security • Individual user and user group based • Users granted cumulative rights of all groups they belong to • Can access specific document types to which they are allowed access • Highly granular access to product featurese.g. Printing, email, annotations, versions • Document, Database and Keyword encryption, which can be managed by HR not IT

  32. Auditing • Complete and comprehensive transaction logging • All actions are loggede.g. login, retrieval, update, logoff, etc. • Administration interface to access audit information • Custom reports can be viewed using OnBase Report Services

  33. Workflow

  34. PAT JANE ANDREW • Notifications • Timers • Load Balancing • Calendars • Org Charts • Identify missing Documents

  35. Document Retention • Enforces a structured retention policy for document destruction • Supports compliance • Minimises legal risks associated with accumulation of expired records • Reduces processing expense • Save storage space

  36. Capture Manage Deliver Integrate Administrate HR+ Powered BY ONBASE

  37. Employee Records EmployeeRecord Search Employee Number Name Name Date of Birth Department Department Manager Post Code Regional Office • Document retrieval • Custom Queries • Line of Business • Foldering

  38. Document Composition

  39. <Image Placeholder> <Date> January 1, 2010 <Name> Sam Hastings 22 Oxford Road Bicester OX12 4TF <Address> , <City> <State> <Zip> Dear Mr. Hastings, Re vacancy: Web Developer Following your interview, I am pleased to offer you the above position with GardenSol. Your initial basic salary will be £21,800per year payable monthly in arrears by bank transfer. Full package details to follow. I do hope you will accept this offer but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours sincerely, <Fullname> Business Application <Vacancy Name> HR+ <Amount> Powered BY ONBASE User Input Carol Knowles <HR Administrator>

  40. Capture Manage Deliver Integrate Administrate HR+ Powered BY ONBASE

  41. Integrate without Programing

  42. Process Example..

  43. Separation Employee Induction Offer or Reject Interview Process HR+ Powered BY ONBASE Application

  44. INITIATE SETUP PROCESS COMPLETE Manager Request Supplies Final Review Create Employee Profile Complete Checklist HR Generalist ITHardware/Phone ITNetwork Systems FACILITIESDesk/Chair… ONBASE TRAINING Internal Departments Employee Accepts Offer Arrives

  45. INITIATE SETUP PROCESS COMPLETE Workflow Manager Request Supplies E-Forms Final Review Create Employee Profile Complete Checklist Folders HR Generalist Exception Reports ITHardware/Phone ITNetwork Systems FACILITIESDesk/Chair… ONBASE TRAINING Internal Departments Document Imaging Employee Accepts Offer Arrives

  46. New Starter Forms

  47. ROI on Induction process • Shorten the productivity curve • Increase employee engagement • Reduce processing cost per new hire • Clerical induction tasks eliminated • Eliminate manual handling and routing time • Reduce manual and duplicate data entry • Decrease induction delays • Establish consistent induction process • Instant access to all employee documents

  48. Summary