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Solutions Overview

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Solutions Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solutions Overview
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  1. Solutions Overview Premier Motorola Two-way Radio Application Provider

  2. Teldio Partners

  3. Teldio’s Suite of Applications

  4. MOTOTRBO Radios

  5. Two-Way RadioTelephony

  6. Two-Way Radio Telephony A. Dial Into Radio Talkgroups from Any Phone Phone User to All Radios Phone User to Security Talkgroup B. Make & Receive Private Calls Phone to Radio Call RBX +Plus User License & MOTOTRBO Expansion Card Required Radio to Phone Call

  7. RBX +Plus Features Make & Receive Private Phone Calls on MOTOTRBO Radios • Dial Into Radio Talkgroups from Any Phone • Group call hang-up (from radio) • Auto-Attendant Configuration • TX Interrupt Support • +RBX Radio GUI • +Integrated Phonebook • +Display Caller ID • +Speed Dialing • +Call History and Missed Call Notification • +Do Not Disturb • +Auto Answer Mode • +Call Transferring • User Provisioning • Password Protection for Channels • Call Recording IP Site Connect Roaming RBX+Plus FeaturesPremium Options + MOTOTRBO Expansion Card Required

  8. RBX Architecture

  9. Two Voice Path Example Radio Interfacing Radio Requirements For Each Voice Path (concurrent call) 1 Signaling/Voice Control Station is required per required Voice path Software ApplicationLoaded on the RBX Server Teldio RBX Signaling/Voice Control Stations Web Interface & Configuration

  10. Telephony Integration Options 1. IP PBX 4. ITSP 2. Analog PBX 3. PSTN 5. GSM Gateway IP PBXTelephone System Analog PBXTelephone System PSTN Analog Line(POTS) Cellular GSM Network Internet SIP Trunk (ITSP) GSM to SIP Gateway (PORTECH) Analog to SIP Gateway(Mediatrix) Analog to SIP Gateway(Mediatrix) SIP Trunk LAN Customized Cable Teldio RBX MOTOTRBO Radios

  11. Common Use Cases

  12. Radio-2-Radio Recording

  13. Radio-to-radio recording Phone-to-radio recording Sorted by Talkgroup Web Playback Feature Download in .wav format R2R Recording

  14. R2R Features & Benefits IncreasedAccountability Enhanced Audit Trails FEATURES Improved TrainingEfficiencies Customer Service Assurance

  15. Automatic, Intelligent Alarm Notification

  16. Intelligent, Automatic Alarm Routing Alarm escalation (Closed loop) ASCII, I/O, RS232, SMTP, OPC SMS etc.

  17. Logging & Reporting

  18. Architecture Overview Receiver RS232/ LAN etc. Data Cable Fire Panel E-mail/ XML Pumps Cell Phones

  19. Panic Button Interfacing Patient rooms LAN Panic Button Interface Box Reception Area ASCII Emergency alarm sent to SDS, SMS & e-mail SMS TRBO Email

  20. Man Down Notifier

  21. Man Down Notifier • Proactive Lone Worker Monitoring

  22. Stillness – No movement Motionless Default 60 seconds - customizable Tilt – No movement In tilt zone and motionless Default 15 seconds - customizable Tilt – Movement In tilt zone and moving Default 45 seconds - customizable Man Down Detection Modes Console based parameter configuration

  23. Customizable Point of Origin

  24. MDN Features

  25. ACS Plus Integration • Multiple Alarm Sources • Multiple Communication Devices • Automatic, Intelligent, Alarm Filtering • Receipt Acknowledgement Additional alarm sources: Fire Alarms, Pressure sensors, Door Alarms, etc.

  26. Centralized Lone Worker

  27. Centralized Lone Worker Radios, Cell phones and/or e-mail accounts • Three ways to activate/deactivate CLW • Manually using the Radio • Schedule based • Location based 2 minutes to respond 30 minutes interval Alarm escalated through to ACS

  28. CLW System Architecture

  29. Bluetooth Indoor Positioning System

  30. Bluetooth Indoor Positioning

  31. Bluetooth Beacons LAN 192.168.0.-n Control Room Display Interface

  32. Multiple Use Cases A B C A C B

  33. Customizable Solution √ √ √

  34. Solution Integration

  35. Case Studies

  36. We EnergiesWisconsin, USA Case Study: Utilities Significant cost savings per site compared to iDen solution with greater coverage

  37. Bridor Inc.Montreal, Canada Case Study: Manufacturing • Gives managers the ability to move through facility without missing calls

  38. HSBC Data Center United Kingdom Case Study: Financial

  39. Community College of Baltimore CountyMaryland, USA Case Study: Education Faster emergency response times A safer campus environment.

  40. The Value of Teldio’s Solution Leveraging the Power of your MOTOTRBO Digital Two-way Radio Network.

  41. One Company, One Solution MOTOTRBO Radio Networks

  42. Teldio Customers Other Hospitality Utilities Manufacturing Natural Resources Education * Teldio & Zonith Customers

  43. Teldio Sales Team Tel. 613.271.5980 x3Fax. 613.271.9810