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Culinary Careers: PowerPoint Presentation
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Culinary Careers:

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Culinary Careers:
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Culinary Careers:

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  1. Culinary Careers: Chef, Cook, food Preparation Worker By Nancy Kombert CEC

  2. Preparation So you want to work in the food industry—how does one prepare? • Culinary arts programs offered at vocational schools • Cooking classes • Internet or TV courses • Home study • Work study in the desired field • College/Culinary Arts Institute

  3. Careers Available • Chef • Cook • Catering • Restaurant owner/manager • Food preparation • Franchises • Culinary arts professor • Cookbook author

  4. Job Description Chefs, cooks and food preparation workers prepare, season and cook a wide range of foods in a variety of restaurants and other food services establishments.

  5. Employment Facts Chefs, cooks and food preparation workers held nearly three million jobs in 2002. The numbers are increasingly dramatically with every year that passes.

  6. Education/Food Prep Generally fast food or short order cooks and food preparation workers do not need much education or training as their skills are learned on the job.

  7. Education/Cook & Chef Those who want to work as a cook or a chef can take courses in high school through vocational programs. In order to work.

  8. Education/CEC In order to work as a head cook or executive chef, one must complete a formal training program. Undergo testing and have numerous years of related work experience.

  9. Other Requirements • Formal Training Programs • Internship • Apprenticeship • Work Experience • Work Study

  10. Advancement/Food Prep Food preparation workers with workers with strong skills and experience may move into different positions: • Chef assistant • Line cook

  11. Advancement/Cooks & Chefs Experienced and ambitious chefs and cooks may move up within the kitchen and take on responsibility for training or supervising newer or lesser skilled kitchen staff • Certified Executive Chef • Head Cook

  12. Job Outlook Job openings for chefs, cooks and other kitchen workers are expected to be plentiful through the year 2021. It is a career with room for growth, advancement and recognition within the culinary community.

  13. Earnings Earnings vary geographically and by type of establishment. Another determining factor is of course your title, education and experience. Median hourly earnings: • Head cooks & chefs approx. $30.00 hr • Restaurant cooks approx. $22.00 hr • Line cooks approx $18.00 hr • Food prep approx. $10.00 hr

  14. A Day in the Culinary Field On a typical day a chef or a cook will: • Create recipes • Measure, mix, and cook ingredients according to recipes • Direct the work of other kitchen workers • Estimate food requirements • Order food supplies

  15. A day in the Culinary Field On a typical day a food preparation worker will: • Peel and cut vegetables, trim meat and prepare poultry • Keep work areas clean • Monitor temperatures of ovens and stovetops

  16. Conclusion If you have a love cooking and a passion for the foods you create than a career in culinary arts is the right move for you. A career as a Chef, Cook or Food Preparation worker is dubious path which is filled with joy and fulfillment when you reach your personal goals. Always strive for greatness and enjoy.