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Agriscience Careers

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Agriscience Careers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agriscience Careers. Mr. Lopez – Ag Science Shandon High School. Agriscience. All jobs relating in some way to plants, animals and renewable natural resources. Can be indoors or outdoors.

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agriscience careers


Mr. Lopez – Ag Science

Shandon High School

  • All jobs relating in some way to plants, animals and renewable natural resources.
  • Can be indoors or outdoors.
  • Banking and finance; radio; television; engineering and design; construction and maintenance; research and education; and environmental protection.
plenty of opportunities
Plenty of Opportunities
  • Approximately 21 million people are employed in agriscience careers.
  • About 400,000 people are needed each year to fill the positions in this field.
  • Only 100,000 vacancies are being filled by people trained in agriscience
plenty of opportunities continued
Plenty of Opportunities (continued)
  • That leaves how many unfilled position?

300,000 jobs still available!!

  • 20 % of careers in Agscience require a college degree
  • Four year degrees: education, marketing, communications, production, social services, finance, management, science, engineering and many more.
plenty of opportunities continued5
Plenty of Opportunities (continued)
  • Additional opportunities open to students who earn technical college certificates and degrees.
  • Mechanics, sales representatives, field representatives, agriscience laboratory technicians, insurance adjustors, and many others.
the wheel of fortune
The Wheel of Fortune
  • The field of Agrisciene has many possibilities.
  • Here we will explore

the 7 areas of agrisciene

production agriculture
Production Agriculture
  • Farming and Ranching
  • Involves growing and marketing field crops and livestock
  • Careers in this area account for 1/5 of all the jobs in Agriscience
production agriculture continued
Production Agriculture (continued)
  • Average US farmer can produce enough food to feed 140 people.
  • US farmers provide the American people with such an efficient means of productions that the American people only spend 11% of their money on food, the lowest of any other country.
ag processing products and distribution
Ag Processing, Products, and Distribution
  • Haul, Grade, Process, package and market commodities from production sources.
  • Butcher, Ag Inspector, Cattle Buyer

Fruit Distributor, Milk Plant

Supervisor, Tobacco Buyer,

Wood Buyer, Grain Broker,

Winery Supervisor, Meat


  • Production, Processing and Marketing Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamental plants such as turf grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees.
  • Floral Designers, Golf Course

Superintendent, Horticulturist,

Turf Manager, Nursery Operator,

Landscape Architect, Hydroponic

Grower, Plant Breeder

  • Industry that grows, manages, and harvests trees from lumber and other commodities.
  • Forest Ranger, Logging

Operations Inspector, Tree

Surgeons, Lumber Mill

Operator, Park Ranger, Forester

renewable natural resources
Renewable Natural Resources
  • Involves the management of wetlands, rangelands, water, fish, and wildlife.
                • Animal Behaviorist, Animal Ecologist, Park Ranger, Game Warden, Wildlife Manager, Soil Conservationist, Range Conservationist, Forest Fire Fighter/Warden
ag supplies and services
Ag. Supplies and Services
  • Businesses that sell supplies or provides services for people in the agricultural industry
                • Animal Trainer, Artificial Breeding Technicians, Sheep Shearer, Poultry Hatchery Manager, Dog Groomer, Computer Analysis
agricultural mechanics
Agricultural Mechanics
  • The design, operation, maintenance, service, selling, and use of power units, machinery, equipment, structures, and utilities in Ag.
                • Welder, Hydraulic Engineer, Ag Electrician, Ag Plumber, Diesel Mechanic, Ag Construction Engineer, Ag Electrician, Ag Safety Enginer
agriscience professions
Agriscience Professions
  • Profession – Occupation requiring specialized education, especially in law, medicine, teaching or ministry.
  • Agriscience Professions – Proffesional jobs that deal with agriscience situations. They include the whole wheel!!!
agriscience professions continued
Agriscience Professions (continued)
  • Ag Accountant, Ag Advertising Executive, Ag Consultant, Ag Corporation Executive, Ag Economist, Ag Educator (like Mr. Lopez), As Journalist, Ag Lawyer, Animal Nutritionist, Avian Veterinarian, Biochemist, Dendrologist, Equine Dentist, 4-H Youth Assistant, Hydrologist, Marine Biologist, Public Relations Manger, Veterinarian, Silviculturist, Plant Taxonomy
  • Unit 4
    • Write out each Term to Know
    • Write out each multiple choice and matching questions (self evaluation) – Pg. 75 and 76
    • Questions can be sent to:
    • Or Twitter Account: UniqueAgTeacher