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Social Networking

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Social Networking

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  1. Social Networking By: Kailee Galligan

  2. How Much Time Do We Really Spend On Social Networks? • According to a comScore report that was done in 2011 they found that we spend 1 out of every 7 minutes on the Internet, and 3 out of 4 minutes that are spent on Social Networking sites we are on Facebook. •

  3. Social Media Movement

  4. Problems Related to Social Networks • Content on your personal Facebook, Twitter, etc. can make it difficult to find a job. • Pictures of poor behavior • Inappropriate posts, tweets, statuses, etc. • Makes it easy for people to cyberstalk others, which creates an unsafe environment. • Some people list WAY too much personal information that makes it easy to find them • Children and Adults are spending too much time in front of a screen. • Which causes inactivity, lack of exercise • Children are more likely to be depressed and experience anxiety • Distracts children, teens, and young adults from schoolwork • Cyber Bullying • Can ultimately cause children to develop psychological problems, or even worse commit suicide • Deciphering between real friends vs. online friends • How many of our actual friends do we know on a personal level?

  5. Ways To Be Safe Online • Do not enter too much personal information • i.e. location, last name, interests, educational history • Protect the information you do post with Privacy Settings • Monitor the photos you are posting • The Internet is timeless.. Even if you delete something there are ways it can be found

  6. Improves writing skills • Serves as an outlet • Creates a space for conversations • Therapeutic • Opportunity to make money from home • Sense of satisfaction • Increased self esteem Benefits to Blogging

  7. Blogs can create a safe place for people to tell their stories and reach out to others who may be going through similar things. • For example: It Gets Better Project Positive Aspect Associated with Social Networks

  8. More Positives.. • The Internet and Social Networking allows people to keep in contact with family and friends • It also gives younger generations the opportunity to fully engage in the Internet

  9. How do you think Social Networks are beneficial to our everyday life? • Do you think you will ever experience negative effects associated with Social Networking? Have you already? • When did you get your first Social Networking account? • Do you think children today are being introduced to sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. too early? • Do you think the Internet, and especially these sites are better in moderation? Discussion Questions