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Social Networking

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Social Networking. Eric Derba e 91.113.204 Exploring the Internet, Fall 2010. Social networking. Social networking is a network of people who associate with online groups. These groups are centered around people’s common interests and friends.

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social networking

Social Networking

Eric Derba

91.113.204 Exploring the Internet, Fall 2010

social networking1
Social networking
  • Social networking is a network of people who associate with online groups.
  • These groups are centered around people’s common interests and friends.
  • People generate lists and groups of friends and post thoughts and photos to share others.
  • People can communicate through the internet and meet new people.
types of networking
Types of Networking
  • General
    • and
  • Professional
    • reconnect with colleagues
  • Educational
    • Blackboard
  • Dating
anything you can think of
Anything you can think of!
  • There are social networking sites for just about any topic or interest you can think of.
  • Sports, Arts, Hobbies, Politics, News, Video sharing, File sharing, Gaming and just about any information sharing.
  • People share information to meet new people, learn new things, and get their name out there.
  • Social networking is an excellent way to promote a business or product.
  • People can advertise to groups that people have already associated themselves with.
  • Meet potential clients and share ideas.
  • Social networking was slowly created and developed beginning with the military for command and communication purposes.
  • They didn’t create Facebook, but simply communicated through computers by posting messages in common areas for people to view and respond.
  • This was slow and insecure.
web 2 0
Web 2.0
  • Web 2.0 is really the beginning of social networking as we know it.
  • Allows user oriented transfer of video, files, and messages instantly.
  • Allows for user-generated content.
  • This allowed for Facebook, Myspace, Youtube..etc
  • Internet safety if a big issue today.
  • People can make face profiles on sites.
  • People can stalk and find out personal information about people.
  • Meet people why claim to be someone else.
  • Harassment
  • Self-incrimination