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Computer Graphics 1 Senior Portfolio Final

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Computer Graphics 1 Senior Portfolio Final - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computer Graphics 1 Senior Portfolio Final. Lexa Goldbeck (4B). About me. My name is Alexandra Goldbeck but I go by Lexa. 18 years old I will be attending Towson University in the fall, majoring in Elementary Education. . Under da sea.

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about me
About me
  • My name is Alexandra Goldbeck but I go by Lexa.
  • 18 years old
  • I will be attending Towson University in the fall, majoring in Elementary Education.
under da sea
Under da sea
  • This was one of our bigger projects in Illustrator. We learned a lot about textures and gradients for this particular project.
tropical transparancy
Tropical transparancy
  • Used in Illustrator, we learned how to make flowers using the rotate tool, and the effects of gradients and transparency to create these flowers.
  • Used in Illustrator, we learned about rhythm. This represents repetition. We also learned about brushes for this.
ship shape
Ship shape
  • This was created with Illustrator. It was our first big assignment and we were introduced to tools such as the selection tool, pen tool, and many others.
  • This is from Illustrator, and it includes our likes, such as our favorite subject, our initials, a favorite hobby, and a symbol of where we’re from.
snowman xtra credit
Snowman xtra credit
  • This was an Xtra credit assignment from Illustrator but it is in my best works. I used a lot of gradients for this particular picture as well as shapes.
  • This Illustrator art work represents symmetry and asymmetry at the same time.
still life
Still lIFE
  • We learned how to make 3D objects in this Illustrator picture, we also learned how to create a 3D looking table using shapes and the pen tool.
  • This is a mixture of a plane and a bird and is called Mechanimal. My main tools in this were the gradient tool, and the pen tool. This was also created with Illustrator.
dream house
  • This is created with Illustrator and is my dream house. I used mostly the pen tool for this project.
by the bay
By the bay
  • One of our later projects with Photoshop but this represents cubism but also taught me the types of filters and effects you can use in Photoshop.
  • Impressionism with Photoshop, we added a “brush” type effect to make the picture look like a painting.
  • This project is similar to “By the Bay” in the fact that it represents Cubism. It is also a picture of me and my father 
  • It is raining on the sun in this picture and that of course is representing surrealism. We learned how to make pictures more transparent so they could look more realistic.
pop art
Pop art
  • Our last project was a take on Andy Warhol’s works and is Pop art. We learned how to actually create the pop art and used the color picker a lot during this project.
it s been real ms banks
It’s been real Ms banks!
  • Thanks for all the knowledge you’ve given me this year! I couldn’t have asked for a better computer graphics teacher! 