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Computer Graphics Portfolio

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Computer Graphics Portfolio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computer Graphics Portfolio
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  1. Computer Graphics Portfolio Brooke Armstrong Period 3A 5-2-10

  2. About Me My name is Brooke Armstrong. I am 17 years old and love art. I’m attending MICA this fall, and plan to obtain my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography.

  3. Illustrator

  4. Under Da Sea In this project we created an under the sea scenery by using illustrator to draw fish, seaweed, coral, and sand. We used a gradient for the backdrop.

  5. Illuminated Manuscript In this project we chose a letter and created a unique theme to go along with it. I chose to create a spooky, Halloween theme.

  6. Quadratic In this project we had to create a quadratic image depicting ourselves. I illustrated our state flower, my initials, paint for my love of art, goggles for my love of swimming, and a camera for my love of photography. Reflection was used to create the quadratic images.

  7. Sy“man”trical In this project we had to create a symmetrical image of our own, but add a asymmetrical subject to the work. The elephant is the asymmetrical subject. We used reflection to create the reflected halve.

  8. Still Life In this project we had to illustrate our own still life piece. As you can see, I chose a setting of fruit and vegetables, accented with two flowers. I focused on shadows and detail (texture) for this work.

  9. Tropical Transparency In this project we used transparency as the tool and main focus. I used bright and bold color combinations so the flowers stood out.

  10. Rhythm In this project we depicted rhythm in our work. I used the repetition of the flowers to show rhythm. I created a multicolored mesh background and used bright colors for the flowers as well.

  11. Dream House In this project we had to create a house on illustrator. I used several different types of textures and gradients to create a lifelike feel to the scene and house. I used shadows to create depth.

  12. Photoshop

  13. Pop Art Collage In this project we chose a photo of our own and stripped it of most of its detail. Then we selected different sections of the subject to be colored different colors. We repeated the process three more times and combined them into a pop art collage.

  14. Metaphorto In this project we chose a metaphor to portray in photoshop using photographs. My metaphor was “Time is a thief.” I used a clock and moon to resemble time and a silhouette of a burglar and a fox to resemble thieves.

  15. Surrealism In this project we had to depict a surreal dream. I put together a scene of fireworks being shot from the moon, into space. To do this, I used photographs of the moon, Earth, and different fireworks.

  16. Expressionism In this project we had to choose a photo of our own and use photoshop techniques to express a particular topic or emotion. I exaggerated the rain drops and elements of a rainy day.

  17. Impressionism In this project we had to choose a photo of our own and use the different art filters in photoshop in order to make our photograph look like an impressionist painting.

  18. Cubism In this project we chose a photo of our own and selected different areas to form different shapes. With the shapes we selected, we applied different filter effects.

  19. Lighthouse In this project we were given a photograph of a lighthouse scene. We were given instructions to make certain changes using different photoshop techniques and this was the end result.

  20. The End!