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Computer Graphics 1 Digital Portfolio . Bridget Woolery 4B. About Me .

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About me
About Me

  • I’m going into my senior year of high school at Bowie High. I love sports, especially tennis, volleyball, and soccer! I’m not too artistic, but computer graphics has shown me that you can make something awesome without needing that specific talent. I’m really excited for college so I can learn a wider variety of subjects and find out what I really want to be when I’m older.

  • I love summer! It’s my time to relax and make some money/get a tan (more like sunburn) while lifeguarding at my pool and playing tennis.

Introduction to illustrator
Introduction to Illustrator

  • Adobe Illustrator was the main program we used this year to create our projects. It’s a vector program in which shapes, colors, gradients, lines, and a bunch more options could be made. It’s tricky at first, but the tools and methods used on it are efficient and helpful to get the job done.

Still life
Still life

This project required strokes to be created and put into the color pallet to be used for the wallpaper. I created the rectangles and the vase with the path tool and created the table legs with the path and option+drag method. This was a fun project for me!


A lot of the path tool was used for creating the parts of the house. Gradients were used for the smoke stack and different sections of the house were created with the shapes tools. I liked this project, too.

Under da sea
Under da Sea

Gradients were used for the light in the center of the picture. I used the path tools for the fish, seahorse, seaweed, and the sand and I added texture to the sand . It was a really fun project!

Ship shape
Ship Shape

The star tool was used to make the triangular shape for the sky and sea. I drew the ship with a rectangle and a triangle, and for the colors I used the color wheel to change the colors of each background.


The color wheel is designated to have corresponding colors on the opposite sides. My job was to create a design and use the colors to make it a wheel of various shades of these colors.


This project was made using the rotation tool for the flower petals, gradients for the background and shape colors, and the pen tool for some shapes. This project focused on gradients a lot and the duplication of shapes and images to remain constant for the entire project.

Mechanima l

This was a hybrid between construction crane and a giraffe. The project focused on combining two different objects to make a new form.


This is a more personal project of this year. it includes my initials, my interests, and my background.. It was really fun!!

Introduction to p hotoshop
Introduction to Photoshop

  • Adobe Photoshop is a raster program used toward the second half of this year. It’s used to edit photos and add really cool effects to them! I definitely liked Photoshop better than illustrator. Tools like the lasso, crop, and move tool were used a lot with the program.


My love is a butterflyFloating sweetly through a summer fieldSpreading beauty and love under the midday sun

This metaphor was depicted in this picture, with the butterflies, field, and sun to symbolize the metaphor.

Mr p otato
Mr. Potato

I combined the shapes – watermelon, oranges, coconut, and potato – to create facial features. This project was funny 

Mirror reflections
Mirror Reflections

I used the lasso tool to cut the camera out of one picture, and move it into a new document and copied the camera. I used the opacity scale to change the visibility, which creates the mirror effect. Then, for the background, I used the gradient tool.


I added the Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, and myself to the Barcelona skyline. Then, I but filters on the shapes in the images. I loved this project!


I used the Eiffel Tower for this project. I copied certain parts of the picture after using the lasso tool to select that selection. Then, I moved that portion to make a more cube effect on it.

Balance collage
Balance Collage

I love this one! It took me a while to do because I wanted to make it really cool. I lassoed the tennis players and made them similar sizes on each side to make it balanced. I used the feather option to smooth the edges of these lassoed images.


This photo was originally normal looking, but my job was to make it look silly! I used several tools – like making the eyes smaller, making the mouth huge and long, and widening the cheeks. I think this project was really funny!

Closing remarks
Closing Remarks

  • I had a great experience in computer graphics 1 this year. Thank you so much for being a great, organized teacher. I can see throughout my projects that I have become a much more artistic person – well, more than I used to be (which isn’t all that much). This class was really nice to have on my schedule!