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Master Chef 2.08 PowerPoint Presentation
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Master Chef 2.08

Master Chef 2.08

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Master Chef 2.08

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  1. Master Chef 2.08 • Dining in To get to Dining In part of restaurant click on Dining in button

  2. A waiter can drag and move a table as business need. To do this click on the table you wish to move and chose a option. Having selected the Drag in the check box, an user clicks and holds on the table in order to move it to anywhere in the section. The default table section on different computer interface maybe different. It depends on the default room setting on each machine. If the table is occupied you will see people sitting at the table. When the customers pay their bill, the people from the table will be removed.

  3. Moving a customer Click Swap button and then point to a empty table To move a customer from one table to another click on the table you want to move and small menu will appear.

  4. Making a reservation Now when you click on a table you will see that table is reserve All reservation you can see when you click on Disp Res button on the bottom of the screen Now enter all information required to make a reservation and click Enter If you want to make a reservation click on Reserve button

  5. Taking new order. Click on a empty table and then on the order button from menu.

  6. Taking new order. For each regular order, the computer will ask you to... ... Enter a waiter ID ... and ...number of the customers

  7. Taking new order. Here you can manage and customize your new order. REMEMBER !!! Before a customer pays a bill send an order to the kitchen. Afrer you place an order... Is time to pay ... Click on the pay button

  8. Payment You can pay a little by little for example 10 $... Here you can choose the form which a customer will pay Aftrer you click pay button a new window will apeears then your balance will reduce to 58.87

  9. Payment Also customer can pay by ... check... gift card... or credit card

  10. Split a bill Now you can choose in which way you want to split a bill To split a bill click on split button in function key menu

  11. Split a bill Split by Amount/Even If everybody pay the same part of bill simply put a number in the box

  12. Split a bill Split by Amount In the box put a first amout you want to pay and click OK (for ex. 30$) A amount you entered will show on the list, then you can enter next amount till a customer pay off the bill

  13. Split a bill Split by Items After you click on Split By items button a windows will appears Press a button to choose a seat And then choose which items will go to this seat Now click on the seat 2 and also choose an items from left. Repeat the action till all items change to yellow color. Atfer you start clicking on items its color will change to yellow and will appear on the right-bottom of a screen Insert for how many seats (person) you want to split a bill