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Master Chef 2.08 PowerPoint Presentation
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Master Chef 2.08

Master Chef 2.08

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Master Chef 2.08

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  1. Master Chef 2.08 • Maintain Maintain section allows you to configure Master Chef software.

  2. Press Item Button to modify food category and food items. A new window will show up. Press an appropriate buttons and management menu appears!!! This menu allows users to manage the food catalog and its items, organize the employees’ information, redefine a printer, adjust employee’ attendance, modify the footnote at the end of the customer receipt and so on.

  3. Additing a new FOOD CATEGORY. Click on the ADD button and you will able to add new food category. Enter all information required in Add items form Click Save button and new category is crated

  4. Add a new ITEM CATEGORY (for exapmle pizza). Double click on the category when you want to add a food item. Enter all information like a item numer, name or price and click Save button. Now click on the FOOD ITEM button and new window show up. Click ADD button to add a new food item.

  5. SPECIAL MANAGEMENT This special menu (known from Dining in menu) allows you to customize an items from customer order. Now You will be able to customize this Special menu to add a new items or edit existing one.

  6. Customizing the Special Menu On this screen you see: CATALOG MENU ITEMS LIST From Maintain menu on the top click on Special button and new window will pop-up. SET FUNCTION MENU

  7. To customize a special menu click on the radio button from catalog menu (for example: Dressing). Click on the Add button form Set Function Menu. In the empty boxes put name and the price of new items, for example Honey Mustard Always remember to save your changes !!!

  8. Now your new special was added. When you go to the Dining In section you will see a new special items in you special menu!!!

  9. Editing an existing items Now, for example, you can put word BLUE before Ranch To edit an items from special menu duble click on it and press an Edit button. REMEMBER always click a Save button !!!

  10. Now you can see your changes in the Special Menu !!!

  11. Deleting an existing items To delete an items from special menu duble click on it and press an Delete button.

  12. This database will help you collect the customer information for your business needs. It offers the caller ID the related customer resource. If the caller’s phone number is in the database, the caller’s related information will auto display in the order type menu.

  13. The user is able to add a new customer, edit, change or delete a customer’s information. It enable an user to search a group of customer by the date or the period they have come, by how often they have place an order with you, by the amount of money they used to spend each time. Based on the information and with the marketing knowledge, you can provide special offer to those selected customers, such as coupons, gift, greeting cards and so on.

  14. To add a new customer click Add button on the bottom of the screen Now put an informatin into an empty boxes. After you finish DON’T forget aboubt Save button !!!

  15. Now you are able to edit a text in the fields. Editing customer information To edit a customer record, click on phone number field and click Edit button.

  16. SEARCH OPTION This screen allaws you to find a customers in many ways. For example you want to find a customer whose total purchase is beetwen 900$ and 1000$. Now when you press OK button you will see a list of customer who passed the requirements

  17. Maintain Employee Click on Add button to add a new emlpoyee and you will get a blank form. This window allows you to enter a new employee information, to modify an existing employee information or delete the employee record. There are seven function keys at the bottom of the window, add, save, edit, cancel, del, exit and print. Put all required information into blank field and Save it

  18. To edit/modify employee’s information simply click on employee’s number and press Edit.

  19. Maintain Employee Set up or Change a password for employee. In the Set up/Change Password form, set the user right for a user. You need to have a password to login here. The owner will get the password on the day they own the software. Our technician will teach the owner on this section.

  20. Other Important Modification This feature allows you to set current tax rate

  21. Other Important Modofication This feature is for our computer engineer. The ending user can turn the auto Caller ID function on/off from here.

  22. Other Important Modofication Click on any room and a new window appears This menu allows a manager to manage the tables in any room when a few tables are added to or moved away from the room, or when the number of the table is changed.

  23. Here you can moving, renaming or adding tables. You have many tables to use. You can also put a wall to separate one table from another.

  24. Other Important Modofication Setting area code you will see this code in the customer input field.

  25. This option allaws you to search orders which have been sent to the kitchen including food items.

  26. Others Modifications Press Search/Modify and then Modify Password to change or set up a owner password Click Restore button and then Pd Invoice button to restore a paid invoice back to a different payment type. For example, you want to change a credit payment into a cash payment. ClickSet and then Default Room to set default table section for each computer.

  27. Others Modifications This feature enables an user to remove a group of sale records and speed up the computer. When you run the Close Data program, please make all the computers in the selected room are not running on the POS application. Click on Set button and then click on Pay Machine button. This feature enable identify the computer connect with the cash draw. Only this computer has the pay feature. Click on Others button and then click on Send to Excel button to send a summary report to Excel format. You may save the file in a floppy and take home.

  28. New Features 1. A “Recipe” button on the main menu screen. This button is used to set up the recipe for items. When clicked, it sends the item along with the ingredients to the kitchen. 2. A courtesy reminder that compares the total number of people on a table to the total number of drinks ordered, and generates a reminder on the screen if the numbers don’t match 3. The manager’s privileges contain the “swap” and “split” functions. 4. Only the manager can enter the credit card number directly into the system.

  29. New Features 5. The food cost and the labor cost along with the percentage is shown.

  30. New Features 6. A counter against each item that is being served. The color represents availability. Blue = available Orange = availability low Red = No longer available.

  31. New Features 7. A single-touch process to switch between takeout phone calls and take out walk-ins

  32. New Features Fig (a): Takeout for walk in customers

  33. New Features Fig(b): Same take out feature for orders over the phone 8. Multiple delivery options with exclusive search feature. This can be used for assigning delivery items to different delivery persons.

  34. New Features 9. A record of up to three previous orders from any single customer. You can select an order with one click, or select items from all three orders: