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\. Plot Overview. The Film Glory Road is a sports drama based on the true story in 1966 of Texas Western coach Don Haskins leading the first all-black starting lineup to the NCAA national championship. .

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plot overview
Plot Overview
  • The Film Glory Road is a sports drama based on the true story in 1966 of Texas Western coach Don Haskins leading the first all-black starting lineup to the NCAA national championship.

Glory Road is an inspirational story that displays the breakdown of racial barriers by an interracial basketball team and how they overcome traditional prejudices even though they are up against a considerable amount of drawbacks.


Texas Western uses teamwork and inner-strength to triumph over ignorant racism in the minds of many. Not only are they playing to win the the prize of a Division 1 championship but also racial equality.


When coach Don Haskins becomes the Texas Western University guys basketball coach, his main focus is the prize of a Division I championship, not civil rights, and he recruits his African-American players for their athletic talent, not out of personal righteousness.


Throughout the beginning of the movie there is a visual separation of black from white which symbolizes the real separation that occurred in the 1960’s.

  • The camera clearly displayed this visual separation by focusing on a single individual race at any given time.

All through the movie there exists the importance of brotherhood and the fact that when people work together and treat each other equally they can accomplish much more.

  • For example when the Miners experience a dramatic hate crime in which people destroyed their hotel room the blacks become hostile to the whites and do not play as a team in the next game which in turn causes them to lose.

This movie is an important event not only in American sports history but on racial issues prevalent in sports.

  • During the 1960’s there were limited opportunities given to black athletes and African Americans in general.
  • The Miners were playing for something more than basketball, they were also making a huge impact on society as we know it.

Though the Civil Rights Act was passed by congress in 1965 racism was still prevalent in sports as well as every day issues, particularly in the south.

  • In the movie David Latten can be considered a rich black man compared to many others. Yet he still gets treated just like any other black in the south despite his wealth.

Though all the black players this is merely an act of sticking with your own kind.

  • Each player is unique in their own way and represents a different region of America with different views in life and beliefs.
  • Yet whites, particularly southern whites chose to block out the fact that individuals unlike themselves were people too and displayed their hate and racism in several ways.

Many hate crimes similar to these were acted out throughout the U.S. in the 1960’s and without abolitionists such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X there might still be an abundance occurring to this day.

  • This movie displayed the process of the shaping of America not only in sports but also within American citizens in general.
  • The rhetorical style that is dominant throughout the movie is pathos.
  • The director uses close up scenes and stories that manipulate the viewer emotions and lead you to feel sympathetic towards certain characters at different times during the movie.
  • When the director zooms in to a characters face during intense scenes it is to make the viewer perceive and share the same feelings as the character.