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  1. Plot A series of events, or structure, of the story. Answers the question, “what happens?” Always involves some kind of conflict.

  2. 5 Parts of Plot Plot always flows in this pattern, like climbing a hill. Climax Rising Action Falling Action Introduction Resolution

  3. Introduction • This is the beginning of the story. • Characters are introduced • Setting may also be introduced Let’s use Cinderella as an example. During the introduction of Cinderella we are introduced to Cinderella, her stepsisters, and her step mother. We also learn that her father passed away and that her stepmother and stepsisters make her clean up after them.

  4. Rising Action • This is when we begin to learn more about the main characters, minor characters may be introduced. • We begin to learn about the problem or conflict in the story. • Setting may change, or be revealed. During the rising action in Cinderella, we learn that the prince is having a royal ball and that all of the ladies in the household are invited. Cinderella decides she wants to go. Her stepmother says she can go if she finds her own dress and finishes her chores. Of course her stepmother and stepsisters do not want her to go and give her extra chores to complete. Cinderella finishes the chores and her animal friends help her complete her dress. Cinderella is ready for the ball!

  5. Climax • The climax is the height of excitement in the story. This is when the main event of the story takes place. • The conflict has definitely been introduced at this point and the characters are struggling to work out the problem. The climax in Cinderella is when she comes downstairs ready for the ball and the stepsisters rip Cinderella’s dress apart and leave her alone, humiliated, laughing at her attempt to be like them. Cinderella is crying in the courtyard with her animal friends when her fairy godmother appears and gives her a dress, a coach with coachmen, and her glass slippers. She warns Cinderella that the spell will be broken at midnight. She is off to the ball where she falls in love with Prince Charming. At midnight the spell was broken and all Cinderella left behind was one of her glass slippers.

  6. Falling Action • The falling action is when the conflict is starting to be resolved. The falling action in Cinderella is when the Duke is searching the land for the girl who fits the glass slipper as the Prince ordered. The Prince has announced that he is in love with the girl who fits in the slipper and he plans to marry her. The stepmother and stepsisters lock Cinderella in the attic so she cannot try on the slipper. Her animal friends help her escape so she can get to the Duke.

  7. Resolution • This is when everything is tied into a bow. The conflicts are solved and there is usually a happy ending in the case of a fairytale. The resolution in Cinderella is when the Duke puts the slipper on Cinderella’s foot and she goes off and marries Prince Charming and they live happily ever after.

  8. Practice • Watch the following video, and write down on the “Practice Identifying Plot” sheet what the 5 parts of the plot are. Pixar's Presto