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Warm Up

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warm up 1
Warm Up #1
  • Explain what James Madison meant in Federalist 10 when he discussed factions. Explain why he feared factions and how he expected the Constitution would help control the evils of faction.
  • Then, account for the rise of political parties after the Constitution went into effect. Are political parties different from factions?
  • In what ways is Madison a contradictory figure given his own involvement in the Republican party?
warm up 12
Warm Up #1
  • Is there a fundamental tension between Madison’s view in Federalist 10 and the growth of interest groups in recent years? Or, does the proliferation of interest groups support his fundamental pluralist view? Explain in detail your assessment.
    • Use the Berry essay (Woll #41) to support your claim.
warm up 2
Warm Up #2
  • What role should interest groups play in elections? How might interest groups be problematic when it comes to campaigns, donations and their influence?
    • In thinking about your answer, recall what we’ve read in Federalist #10, Woll #41 and your buzz post for this week.
warm up 3
Warm Up #3
  • Describe the pros and cons of interest group involvement in elections and campaign donations. Use the article we read in class as evidence to help support your ideas.
  • What should be the proper role of a lobbyist in a democracy? What are the problems lobbyists may cause in our democracy?
warm up 4
Warm Up #4
  • Read and anotate the Christian Science Monitor Article Campaign Financing Machine Cranks Up for Mid-term Elections.
  • Why does Sabato (Woll #44) believe the obsession with PACs is misplaced? What should be the role of interest groups in election campaign spending? Defend your position with evidence from the article and NPR segment.
election discussion
Election Discussion
  • Update/Impressions from Linda, Jay and Josie
  • To what degree did the mid-term results confirm what we’ve read about mid-term elections (turnout, incumbency advantage, etc.) and to what degree was it an anomaly?
  • Your thoughts on the election…?
cool down 5
Cool Down #5
  • Assess the validity of the following claim: Political parties legitimize government policies by connecting citizens to government.
  • In what ways does America’s two-party system promote or thwart America’s constitutional principles?
ted koppel cool down
Ted Koppel Cool Down

Questions to consider:

  • According to Koppel, how has news and the news industry changed and what accounts for this change?
  • What is Koppel’s criticism and concern presented in this op-ed piece?
  • What is your overall reaction to this piece? How do you feel about the points Koppel raises?