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  1. YSEK REPORT FROM MEXICO This is our school, it is a public school in the northeast of Mexico.

  2. We organize a collection of paper and cardboard among the students of our school, we tried to involve parents and community members. The goal was to collect 2 tons and 12 tons were the result!!! It was amazing people’s response.

  3. Allour classmates participated, we organized the collect as a contest between the different groups of the school.

  4. It was almost night and students, teachers and parents were still arriving with paper for recycling

  5. Everybody helped to take the paper and cardboard to a recycler company. They gave us some money for the 12 tons of paper and cardboard, which we used it to…….

  6. Put banners around the school about ecology.

  7. There was an abandoned space, that we transformed, buying some plants to make our school more beautiful The name of the ecology club is 3 R’2, we are going to changed it for 7 R’s.

  8. Frequently in our school, we have Expositions about the environment and how to take good care of it. Last year, our school won the 1st. Place in a contest to see which school was the cleanest in our town and we were the winners!!!

  9. We try to be greener each day. Here are some flowers grown in the school Gardens. Wish we could put flowers in every school garden of our town.

  10. In our school we are trying to make the difference, to be better each day, despite being a public school located in an area of low economic resources. Please feel free to visit us at Greta and Fernanda