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Graduate School Fellowship Process External Fellowships Issues Insurance Resources. Fellowship Training Agenda. If you are interested in a more detailed, one-on-one fellowship training, please mark it on the attendance sheet or email Christine Fultz at clfultz@purdue.edu .

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fellowship training agenda
Graduate School Fellowship Process

External Fellowships




Fellowship TrainingAgenda
detailed training

If you are interested in a more detailed, one-on-one fellowship training, please mark it on the attendance sheet or email Christine Fultz at clfultz@purdue.edu.

Detailed Training

fellowship defined

Fellowship Defined

Free grant given to the University for the support of a graduate student in his or her study and/or research. The primary purpose of such a grant is to further the education and training of the student recipient in his or her individual capacity.

medical insurance policy
All fellowship awards to include a supplement for the purchase of medical insurance

When the fellowship does not provide a supplement, the department or school is responsible

Medical Insurance Policy
types of fellowships

Graduate School Administered

Endowed or Named



Types of Fellowships
graduate tuition scholarships
August 12, 2002 memo

Federal, Graduate School, Institutional Commitments

Students must be enrolled as full-time graduate students in a degree-granting graduate program at Purdue.

Form 32

Graduate Tuition Scholarships
fellowship process

Department Decisions

Offer Letters

Communication – College Fellowship Report

Form 90

PA / FA Form

Fellowship Process
college fellowship report
Excel Spreadsheet for the Fellowship Office (all offers)




Name of the Fellowship

Amount of the fellowship

Accepted or Declined

College Fellowship Report
submission process for gs fellowships
Submitted by the Department

Carver and Knox

Student’s CV (as the cover page), Statement of Purpose, Diversity Essay, recommendation letters, and transcripts

NO Social Security Numbers

Submit as one .pdf by email to the Fellowship Office; fellowships@purdue.edu

Submission Process for GS Fellowships
submission process for gs fellowships1
Submitted by the Student:

Chappelle, Kruhe, Bilsland Strategic Initiatives

Student submitted through Blackboard Vista

Purdue Non-Academic Campus

Submission Process for GS Fellowships
a note regarding bilsland dissertation fellowships
A note regarding Bilsland Dissertation Fellowships
  • The Dissertation Fellowships are by semester only.
    • Example: 8/1/11 to 12/31/11
  • They are not 6-month awards
adding additional years
Adding Additional Years
  • When adding additional years or semesters of support, the fellowship must be on the academic year schedule.
    • Example: 1/1/12 – 7/31/12, not 1/1/12 to 12/31/12
    • Will help to minimize confusion regarding tuition and insurance rates between academic years
graduate school offer letters
Fellowship name and administration

Stipend amount

Tuition and fee coverage (approximate)

Insurance supplement (approximate)

Fellowship tenure dates

Fellowship requirements

Electronic copy to the Graduate School

Graduate School Offer Letters

Refer to Green Sheet

fellowship assistantship
Division of Financial Aid has to make adjustments to the student’s aid package

Insurance – Have 30 days to get this sorted out.

Update Fee Remit List - Bursar

Fellowship Assistantship
fee remit list bursar
Make sure this list is as accurate as possible, and update as needed

Not to be a deferment list

Contact the Office of the Bursar for other arrangements

Fee Remit List - Bursar
external fellowship categories
External Fellowship Categories

Federal Fellowships – Proposals have been submitted by Pre Award to the sponsor

Federal Fellowships – Fellow has submitted an application for a Federal Fellowship

Non Federal Fellowships where a student is named in the award

Non Federal Gift of a Fellowship where no student has been named is considered Graduate Aid.

receiving external awards
Receiving External Awards
  • Fellow should notify the business office of the award
  • Business Office Role

Email the following to the SPS Fellowship Account Manager

      • a copy of the sponsor award
      • student acceptance of the award
      • Purdue offer letter to student, if there is one
      • a copy of the Form 90 (prior to routing for signatures)
      • Route original form 90 for signatures
      • attach a copy of the sponsor award to the Form 90

Detailed instructions can be found using “Process for Completing Internal Proposals for Fellowships” guide if a proposal has not been submitted to the sponsor directly by Purdue PreAward:


receiving external awards1
Receiving External Awards

SPS Role

  • Fellowship Account Manager forwards the information to PreAward if an internal proposal (IP) is needed.
  • PreAward generates IP and forwards information to Fellowship Account Manager
  • Fellowship Account Manager establishes the award

If a fellowship requires an institutional signature it will

be forwarded to SPS Contracting for review and approval

prior to award establishment.

**Any time a contract signature or budget is needed for a fellowship award, SPS should be contacted.

non federal gift of a fellowship partial support
Non-Federal Gift of a Fellowship – Partial Support

A non federal fellowship gift that does not fund a full fellowship is considered Graduate Aid

The Graduate Aid Procedure can be found at:


endowed fellowships
Endowed Fellowships
  • Endowed Fellowships, in general, cannot be administered as assistantships. Please review the endowment agreement before awards are offered.
payment information
Payment Information
  • The department business office will contact the SPS Fellowship Account Manager with the request for payment information and procedures.
fellowship insurance
Fellowship Insurance
  • It is important that a student be identified as a true fellowship or one that is administered as an assistantship.
  • Each has a separate enrollment process
fellowship insurance enrollment
Fellowship Insurance Enrollment
  • Open enrollment period:

Enroll and make payment no later than January 31, 2012

  • Online enrollment and payment management system for students enrolling self only. Visit www.purdue.edu/push for more info.
  • Students enrolling dependents must visit PUSH, Room 338/340 to enroll.
payment management system
Payment Management System
  • Students enrolling self only apply online.
  • Once a student is verified to be eligible, an email is sent informing them of application approval and how to make online payment
  • Student has 30 days from receipt of email to pay or application is voided.
changes in funding
Changes in Funding
  • Fellowship to an Assistantship

Assistantship to a Fellowship

    • 30 days to make the transition
insurance supplement payment
Insurance Supplement Payment

Figures are for Spring/Summer 2012

  • Total Premium $1047
  • Purdue Supplement $800
  • Student $247

After verification of fellowship insurance eligibility, payment may be made by MasterCard, OR Visa.


The policy year ends


  • Coverage can not continue past the policy year end date. Any renewal or continuation would be based on the next year’s policy’s rates and regulations.
what happens if a fellowship is terminated early
What happens if a Fellowship is terminated early?
  • Insurance is effective for the complete period for which a student has paid.
  • Example:

Fellow purchases insurance for the full policy year. However, the fellowship ends in February. The fellow is covered until 8/5/12 if the premium has been paid in full.

(must actively attend classes for first 31 days of policy period)

continuation coverage
Continuation Coverage
  • If a fellowship policy ends and a student is no longer eligible for student insurance, but has been covered continuously for 6 months under the student insurance, the student may elect to continue the policy. Enrollment MUST occur within 14 days of the policy end date.
international students
International Students
  • Insurance is required for all international students
  • Must begin with the first day of classes(January 9, 2012)
  • Coverage must be continuous for the duration of academic studies at Purdue.

Please see the PUSH website for more information: www.purdue.edu/push

waiver deadline
WAIVER Deadline
  • International Students must purchase the University insurance plan or submit and receive waiver approval no later than January 31, 21012.
  • Failure to do so will cause loss of the waiver option and/or a possible $200 late fee to complete enrollment.
vision coverage
Vision Coverage
  • An enrollment form for vision

coverage is available in their

insurance packet or in the

Student Insurance office.

  • Cost is $10.00/year.

Further vision benefits information is available at www.vsp.com.

  • To check enrollment status or with questions regarding vision, visit www.vsp.com. PUID is required.
dental coverage
Dental Coverage
  • Dental insurance is NOT available for purchase by fellowship students. Dental plan is only available to employees of the University.
fellowship resources
Fellowship Resources webpage


Then Click on the Funding Resources Tab

Fellows Webpage


Funding Page


Fellowship Resources
sps resources
SPS Resources
    • Internal Proposal process


  • SPS Webpage


  • SPS Post Award Fellowship Webpage



Cyndi Lynch

Christine Fultz

Graduate School

Fellowship Office

Ashlee Robertson

Marci Moore

Graduate School

Business Office


For additional information or training, email Christine Fultz at clfultz@purdue.edu.

Joyce Roosz

Angie Kepner

Patty Blackburn

Student Insurance Office

Margaret Andrzejewski

Sponsored Programs Services