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Fellowship Training

Fellowship Training. Cyndi Lynch Christal Musser Graduate School Fellowship Office. Ashlee Robertson Ted Daniels Graduate School Business Office. Margaret Andrzejewski Rowena McMasters Sponsored Programs Services. Fellowship Training. Joni Byrd Joyce Eakin

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Fellowship Training

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  1. Fellowship Training Cyndi Lynch Christal Musser Graduate School Fellowship Office Ashlee Robertson Ted Daniels Graduate School Business Office Margaret Andrzejewski Rowena McMasters Sponsored Programs Services

  2. Fellowship Training Joni Byrd Joyce Eakin Division of Financial Aid Tim Riley Glenda Smith Bursar Office Joyce Roosz Angie Kepner Patty Blackburn Student Insurance Office

  3. GS Fellowship Process Submission Processes for GS Fellowships Offer Letters Fee Remit List Switching - Fellowship and Assistantship Insurance External Fellowships Resources Agenda

  4. Detailed Training If you are interested in a more detailed fellowship training, please mark it on the attendance sheet.

  5. Graduate School Fellowships

  6. Allocations Department Decisions Offer Letters Communication Form 90 PA / FA Form Fellowship Process

  7. Excel Spreadsheet for the Fellowship Office Students Name PUID Department Name of the Fellowship Amount of the fellowship Accepted or Declined College Fellowship Report

  8. Submitted by the Department Carver and Knox Student’s CV (as the cover page), Statement of Purpose, Diversity Essay, recommendation letters, and transcripts NO Social Security Numbers Submit as one pdf by email to the Fellowship Office; fellowships@purdue.edu Submission Process for GS Fellowships

  9. Submitted by the Student Chappelle, Kruhe, Bilsland Strategic Initiatives Student submitted through Blackboard Vista Purdue Non-Academic Campus Submission Process for GS Fellowships (continued)

  10. Fellowship name and how it is to be administered Stipend amount Tuition and fee coverage (approximate) Insurance supplement (approximate) Fellowship tenure dates Fellowship requirements Electronic copy to the Graduate School Graduate School Offer Letters

  11. Make sure this list is as accurate as possible Not to be a deferment list Contact the Bursar Office for other arrangements Fee Remit List - Bursar

  12. Division of Financial Aid has to make adjustments to the student’s aid package Insurance – Have 30 days to get this sorted out. Switch – Fellowship and Assistantship

  13. Insurance Supplement Payment Figures are for the 2010-11 year Total Premium $1567 Purdue Supplement $1173 Student $394 • Spring/Summer payment due January 14th

  14. Open enrollment period: January 1st to January 14th, 2011 (renewal) January 1-30, 2011 (new) Enrollment Form - Business Office Submit form to PUSH w/payment Policy Year ends - 8/5/2011 Supplement paid with December stipend. Fellowship to an Assistantship Assistantship to a Fellowship 30 days to make the transition Spring Fellowship Insurance Enrollment

  15. Insurance is required for all international students Must begin with the first day of classes(Jan 10 - Spring) Coverage must be continuous for the duration of academic studies at Purdue. If eligible for waiver, due January 31, 2011 International Students

  16. Fellows are eligible for Vision Fellows are not eligible for Dental Insurance Enrollment forms available on the Staff Benefits webpage Vision and Dental Coverage

  17. Fellowship Resources webpage http://www.gradschool.purdue.edu/funding/ Then Click on the Funding Resources Tab Fellows Webpage http://www.gradschool.purdue.edu/funding/fellows.cfm Funding Page http://www.gradschool.purdue.edu/funding/ Resources

  18. External Fellowships

  19. Fellowships Free grant given to the University for the support of a graduate student in his or her study and/or research. Fellows: Are not Purdue employees receive stipends, not wages Federal fellowships, Graduate School fellowships, and a few institutional commitments also receive a Graduate Tuition Scholarship (GTS)

  20. Fellowships Graduate School fellowships: Are internally sponsored Managed by the grad school – account manager – Ted Daniels Only fellowships that can be administered as either fellowships or assistantships. External fellowships or endowed fellowships: (that specify fellowship) can not be administered as assistantships.

  21. Assistantships Are considered graduate staff employed at Purdue Receive a salary that is considered payment for services Have a 50.00 CUL Assistantships override a fellowship whether 25 of 50 CUL. The tuition and fees will not charge to the fellowship, instead the grad fee remit will follow the salary

  22. External Fellowship Categories Federal Fellowships – Proposals have been submitted by Pre Award to the sponsor Federal Fellowships – Fellow has submitted an application for a Federal Fellowship Non Federal Fellowships where a student is named in the award Non Federal Gift of a Fellowship where no student has been named. This is considered Graduate Aide and should follow the Graduate Aide Procedure.

  23. Federal Fellowships: Proposal Submitted by SPS Pre Award • Proposal prepared, reviewed and Submitted to the Federal sponsor. • Student is sent the award by the Federal Sponsor and asked to accept award • Business Office can process Form 90, send a copy of the Form 90, attach the student award, and student acceptance and email to the Fellowship Account Manager • Sponsored programs Fellowship Account Manager will follow up on receipt of the award to Purdue

  24. Process for Fellowships submitted by the student • These fellowships may be Federal, (i.e. the NDSEG, SMART, and NSF GSRP.) • Or they may be non-federal fellowships. • Either way, if a fellowship award is received an internal proposal needs to be prepared

  25. Process for Completing Internal Proposal for Fellowships: Business Office • http://www.purdue.edu/sps/preaward/pdf/Internal_Proposals_for_Fellowships.pdf

  26. Internal Proposal Process

  27. Non-Federal External Fellowships submitted by the student or faculty • Business Office • Needs the detail of the award, to submit to SPS Account Manager for the internal proposal • Sponsored Programs • Account Manager - sends information to SPS Pre -award who prepares an internal proposal • SPS Industrial Contracting • Reviews and signs contract if there is one.

  28. Non-Federal External Fellowships submitted by the student or faculty (continued) • Payment should be submitted to : Purdue University – Accounts Receivable Sponsored Program Services 23510 Network Place Chicago, IL 60673-1235 • Reference to a student should be made with the payment

  29. Endowed Fellowships • Endowed Fellowships cannot be administered as assistantships. QUESTIONS?

  30. Helpful information • Internal Proposal process http://www.purdue.edu/SPS/pdf/InternalProposalsforFellowships.pdf • SPS Web page http://www.purdue.edu/SPS • SPS Fellowship Webpage • http://www.purdue.edu/SPS/postaward/sponsors/fellowships.html

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