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Art Criticism

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Art Criticism. Ian McRae, 8 th Griffin AC Art. “ Drouth stricken area” Oil on canvas, 1934 Alexandre Hogue. Description.

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art criticism

Art Criticism

Ian McRae, 8th

Griffin AC Art


“Drouth stricken area”

Oil on canvas, 1934

Alexandre Hogue


In the painting I can tell it is very warm. The colors in the painting are a orange color. It just has very vibrant colors on it and it shows. Visibly, the only cool part of the painting is the sky which only has a single cloud in the sky. The land is all dried up which means it hasn’t rained in a long time, that is the description of the piece that is “drouth Stricken Area”.


Like I had previously stated, there are warm colors. It fills the painting in a bright way. The artist of the painting used the technique called oil on canvas which he used to paint smoothly. What I mean when I say that is the brush strokes are un noticeable, so as I mentioned it appears smooth.


I take this piece as if it was harsh times living in the dust bowl. Not only does the date of the painting help define this, but the way it sways me to believe so. It was so dried up there, the cow is barely standing on his four legs. The setting in which the painting takes place also help for the idea that it is in the middle of no-where. That is what I interpret from the photo.


My judgment for the painting is that it is very good. But I feel like The artist should have used a different style of painting. But the idea of the piece was great, I feel that it really captures the whole idea of the dust bowl. That is the judgment that I give to the painting “Drouth Stricken Area”.