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Art Criticism Assessment

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Art Criticism Assessment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Art Criticism Assessment. Keller Hyllebgerg 8 th Grade Griffin Middle School. Alexandre Hogue “ Drouth Stricken Area ” oil on canvas , 1934. Description.

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art criticism assessment

Art Criticism Assessment

Keller Hyllebgerg 8th Grade

Griffin Middle School


In the painting, “A Drouth Stricken Area” Alexandre Hogue uses oil on canvas. In the center of the composition there is a broken windmill and behind it, rolling sandy hills hide about half of a little farm house. On the left side of the painting there is a cow that is very bony and on the opposite side of the painting there is a vulture perched on a wooden beam, staring directly at the cow as if he is just waiting for it to die so he can swoop in for a meal.


I think that “A Drouth Stricken Area” is supposed to portray an area that has been affected by a drought. There is no water in the painting, it all looks very dry like a dessert, and that cow looks like it is struggling for life. Those are all of the types of things that you will see in an actual area that is harmed by a drought. I feel that the artist was trying to inform others of how bad it can get when water is scarce.


In my opinion this is a