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Art criticism

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Art criticism. By: Tyler B erry. “ D routh Stricken A rea" by Alexandre H ogue oil on canvas,1934. Description.

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art criticism

Art criticism

By: Tyler Berry


In “Drouth Stricken Area “, I see a desert full of pain and sadness that never ends. I see a buzzard that looks on at the cow that is suffering from thirst and starvation. The windmill is broken and it seems like it hasn’t worked in a while. So that tells you that there is little wind there. The title “Drouth Stricken Area", tells you that this is a place that has been going through a drought that is hurting everything in the desert including the cow, the windmill, and what seems like food and water. This artwork uses color/warm colors to show contrast and the heat of the desert and the also uses space to show that it is a barren waste land that is full misery.

a nalysis

He uses lines that curve to show texture. Some of the lines he uses are to show the texture of the sand the wood and the skinniness of the cow to show starvation. I think that he uses a unique technique of how he positions everything to show that everything in the artwork is painful. In his artwork he shows you that life in a desert is not great but you can keep moving forward and try to get something in life. His technique allows you to realize your life is great compared to whoever lives there and gives u a moral that you don’t know how good you have it and you to change your attitude and keep your head up just like the cow does as he is still trying to survive.


the theme of this artwork is to make you feel as the cow and the place will as if you lived there. I think he meant to inspire you to live your dream and keep your head up no matter what you go through. I think he meant that you have to go through suffering to get you where you want to get where you need to go you have to keep striving to make yourself better and remind yourself that you never want to be back in that horrible place again.


I think he did a great job of using the space he had to his advantage to show the ongoing sadness in their thing I think he could have done better was use more warm colors to make his art stand out better. I would have added more red-orange to the sand in the background.